July 7, 2011

Peoples Network, Inc.: NASA Predicts Damage or Burn-out of Power Grids World-wide from Solar Flares in Late 2012/2013

WHITE SPRINGS, Fla., July 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA and others are warning of oncoming solar flares that will be similar to the 1882 TRANSIT OF VENUS solar storm that burned up Western Union which was the only technology then. Experts advise oncoming flares will burn up anything solid-state such as computers, radio and TV transmitters and cell towers as they all use some form of DC 70 Volt bus systems. Eastern Canada was hit by a small flare in 1989 and it burned out power transformers and some people were left for 9 months without power. On the web is a FOX news video where Bill Hemming interviews Physics Professor Dr. Michio Kaku who told of the terrible future. Food and toilet paper will be more valuable than money. Other "experts" predict 90% of the USA population will die after three months without power (See report at EMPCOMMISSION.ORG). The FCC is setting up special Solar Flare and EMP-Proof buildings across the USA fitted out with 5 thousand watt AM transmitters with local studios and generators and a large supply of fuel as you read this.

None of this has to happen now. About six months ago Chuck Harder set up a group of degreed electrical engineers, radio and TV engineers and scientists. We designed a bundle of technology that is inexpensive and will save the Grid from Solar Flares or an EMP bomb. Already some Grid managers who have seen the data are amazed. SIEMENS and BROWN BOVARI now have the package and we will have full details for engineering in a 40 page PDF package at: WWW.CHUCKHARDER.COM. The package can be used by any country or company and we can assist with suppliers of items. We do not ask for any money up front. When our bundle of technology is used we ask for whatever donation that the users decide to send us: Harder Group, PO Box A, White Springs, FL 32096. You can e-mail us at: [email protected]

SOURCE Peoples Network, Inc.