July 8, 2011

Brad Chase Named President of OmniTRAX Canada, Inc.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, July 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Brad Chase, a successful transportation executive, was today named president of OmniTRAX Canada, Inc., positioning the company for growth and new ventures.

"I look forward to pursuing business opportunities for OmniTRAX that also benefit Canada, and particularly, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the North," said Chase. "We will make strategic capital investments, seek joint ventures and work with all levels of government to ensure that the Hudson Bay Railway and the Port of Churchill contribute to the success of Canada's Northern Strategy."

Chase was formerly senior vice president at Kleysen Group LP in Winnipeg, a company handling commodities throughout Canada and the United States via rail and truck transportation. Chase joined Kleysen in 2001 to lead the Intermodal Business unit. He was responsible for strategic planning and business development and was instrumental in the company's growth.

"Brad's leadership abilities, transportation background and deal-making skills are keys to expanding our operations and partnerships in Canada," said Gary Long, president and CEO of OmniTRAX, Inc. "His appointment as president of OmniTRAX Canada shows our commitment to the Port of Churchill and the Hudson Bay Railway in Manitoba, the economic development of Nunavut, as well as our rail assets in Saskatchewan and British Columbia."

Together, OmniTRAX and OmniTRAX Canada make up one of North America's leading transportation management companies. OmniTRAX-managed businesses are located in three Canadian provinces and 10 U.S. states, offering a full range of transportation and logistics services, including railroad, port and freight terminal operations. (For more, see www.omnitrax.com.)

The Port of Churchill and Hudson Bay Railway have been cited in media reports as a potential point of entry and transport solution for delivering megaloads of equipment to the Canadian oil sands. (For more, see www.AllCanadaRoute.ca.) OmniTRAX, an affiliate of The Broe Group, based in Denver, Colo., has owned and operated the port and railway since 1997. (For more, see www.broe.com.)

Chase will be based at the OmniTRAX Canada offices in Winnipeg and have oversight of the company's operations in Canada, including the Port of Churchill, North America's only deepwater Arctic port; the Hudson Bay Railway, which delivers goods to businesses and communities in Manitoba along 1,017 km of track; the Carlton Trail Railway, based in Saskatchewan; and the Kettle Falls International Railway connecting British Columbia to the United States.

Chase is a 1989 graduate of Red River College in Winnipeg, with a diploma in business administration. Brad and his wife, Robyn, live in Winnipeg and are the parents of two children.