July 12, 2011

MorganAM&T Showcases New BRITEPOINT Family of Solar, LED Products

SAN FRANCISCO, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- MorganAM&T will display its new BRITEPOINT line of solar and LED products at its booth (Booth #9447) at 2011 Intersolar North America on July 12-14. MorganAM&T provides the industry with a wide range of insulation and graphite products for polysilicon, solar silicon ingot, as well as LED applications.

"MorganAM&T's new BRITEPOINT family of products showcases our commitment to provide application-tested products and components that contribute to a low total cost of ownership and provide value-added features," said Jamie Snipes, global solar applications manager, MorganAM&T. "The Intersolar show is an excellent venue to showcase our products and their features, so we are incorporating the new BRITEPOINT branding into our booth display and collateral materials."

Featured in the booth, BRITEPOINT Felt Insulation is designed for optimal performance in Czochralski (CZ) and similar design mono-crystalline silicon furnace hot zones. MorganAM&T provides two grades of its felt insulation for CZ applications; both are able to be supplied in bulk rolls, cut sections or pre-rolled cylinders.

BRITEPOINT Rigid Insulation is developed for optimal performance in Directional Solidification System (DSS) and similar furnace design hot zones. MorganAM&T's applications-focused approach results in performance characteristics of low thermal conductivity, particle release and metallic impurity levels, as well as high silicon environment tolerance, oxidation resistance and liquid silicon absorption.

MorganAM&T provides other felt and rigid insulation products for either CZ or DSS hot zone assemblies, depending on the designer's use preference. Also available are Carbon Fiber Composite (CFC) components constructed from high-quality 12k twill carbon fiber fabric.

Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., MorganAM&T (www.morganamt.com) is a business of The Morgan Crucible Company plc (www.morgancrucible.com), a global advanced materials technology company based in Windsor, England, United Kingdom. MorganAM&T is a global supplier of highly engineered products and components made from carbon, silicon carbide, oxide-based ceramics and advanced polymeric composite materials technology. These materials are used in a wide variety of industrial processes including: electrical current transfer systems for industrial and rail transportation, seals and bearings for fluid handling, high temperature insulation for solar silicon wafer production and advanced lightweight ceramic and composite armor systems for personal and vehicle protection. The business employs approximately 4,000 people and has 40 manufacturing sites worldwide, across Europe, the United States, Mexico, China and India.