July 12, 2011

Bluewater Defense Provides Warfighters with a Unique Sleep System for Cold Weather Climates

SAN LORENZO, Puerto Rico, July 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluewater Defense, Inc., has partnered with prime contractor ADS, Inc. to unveil the Guardian Sleep System for the Department of Defense. The system will provide soldiers a new level of comfort and warmth, in environments down to negative 30 degrees F.

A significant upgrade from current systems, the Guardian Sleep System will ultimately replace the single man tent, enabling unprecedented protection from the elements with fully sealed seams for ultimate wind and wet weather protection. It consists of a 0 degrees F Guardian heavyweight bag, a 30 degrees F lightweight Bag, a bivy cover, a compression stuff sack and a mesh storage bag.

"We are honored to have worked with ADS, Inc. to set a new standard in sleep system technologies for our men and women in uniform," said Sharon Birk, Vice President of Business Development for Bluewater Defense. "This sleep system incorporates a range of innovative cold weather materials and manufacturing techniques, resulting in an unprecedented system that offers unique capabilities to our warfighters and enhances their mission readiness."

Bluewater Defense, Inc. is working in conjunction with its materials suppliers Brookwood Company and Climashield, Inc. to produce the system, which utilizes two different sleeping bag technologies that can be used interchangeably. The lightweight bag is designed to ensure maximum comfort and warmth with a roomy cut, and can be used alone in warmer climates or in conjunction with more insulative bag and bivy for extreme cold weather protection. The Heavyweight Sleeping Bag consists of double layered insulation to keep the user warm and comfortable in the harshest cold weather climates. Notably, armhole zippers allow the user to access all layers of the sleep system and any equipment needed while inside the sleeping bag. Both bags feature an antimicrobial ripstop inner lining fabric.

The Guardian Sleep System is available through ADS, Inc. Visit adsinc.com/bluewater-defense for more information.

About Bluewater Defense:

Bluewater Defense is a worldwide leader in precision needle working and manufacturing dedicated to producing a wide variety of protective clothing, uniforms and individual equipment for the Department of Defense. Bluewater Defense is headquartered in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, and employs 1500 highly trained and experienced technical garment design professionals and needle workers. Bluewater Defense is dedicated to meeting the varying needs of their industry partners and the military through mass production, specialized custom and short run production, quick turnaround times and a unique focus on research and development.


About ADS, Inc.

ADS, Inc. (ADSInc.com) is a second-generation family-owned small business, created in 1997 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Originally Atlantic Diving Supply, ADS was the government sales division of Lynnhaven Dive Center, a local diving supply company founded in 1979 catering to the Norfolk-Virginia Beach military and commercial diving community. Since then, ADS has widely expanded its product offering and government procurement vehicles providing on-time, essential operational equipment combined with industry-leading logistics solutions to all branches of the U.S. military and Federal Agencies. From tactical and special operational equipment to fire and emergency services, expeditionary, medical, and MRO equipment, ADS oversees every aspect of the supply chain and ensures availability of superior equipment to our men and women in uniform.

SOURCE Bluewater Defense, Inc.