July 14, 2011

New Jersey Transit Approves Contract for 76 Busses to DesignLine USA

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- DesignLine USA, has been awarded a contract by New Jersey Transit (NJT) to manufacture 76 CNG Cruiser Buses. The 76 Cruiser Buses are expected to be delivered during 2012. DesignLine continues to be a Leader in providing Electric, Extended Range Electric and CNG buses throughout the world. DesignLine buses are in daily operation on five continents.

About DesignLine

DesignLine manufactures the most environmentally friendly buses available in the worldwide market. DesignLine's bus footprint already extends from the United States to Europe to the Middle East to Japan to Australia. New U.S. customers, Arlington, VA and Denver, CO, are adding DesignLine environmentally-friendly products to their fleet daily with other cities in the US, Canada and the Middle East following suit later this year. Current demand for DesignLine products will require production of over 300 units next year.