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Wyoming Colorado Intertie Announces Transmission Service Request

July 14, 2011

ST. LOUIS, July 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Wyoming Colorado Intertie, LLC (WCI) has received a request for 100% (up to 900 megawatts) of the Initial Long-Term Firm Point-to-Point electric transmission service on the Wyoming Colorado Intertie Project. Pursuant to the terms of its Open Access Transmission Tariff, WCI must hold an auction if any qualified party submits a competing request, subject to minimum bid criteria and security requirements, on or before August 11, 2011. Any party interested in purchasing transmission service on the Wyoming Colorado Intertie Project is encouraged to visit www.WCIntertie.com for more information.

The Wyoming Colorado Intertie Project is a planned electric transmission facility between Southeast Wyoming and Northeast Colorado. The project is being developed through a public/private partnership between the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority, an instrumentality of the State of Wyoming, and WCI, a member of the LS Power Group.

SOURCE LS Power Group

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