July 15, 2011

Argus Launches US Export Coal Assessments

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Global energy price reporting agency Argus has launched coal price assessments for US Gulf coast exports at New Orleans and US east coast exports at Hampton Roads.

With these assessments, Argus now publishes coal prices for all major Atlantic basin coal markets and adds to its industry leading selection of US and international coal price information. The US east coast, or fob Hampton Roads, assessments join Argus' successful metallurgical coal assessments from the same terminals. And the US Gulf coast, or fob New Orleans, prices are the first systematic coal assessments for this growing, dynamic export market.

The global price coverage reflects the dramatic growth in US coal exports, with seaborne trade expanding to Europe, South America and Asia for power generation and manufacturing. The two export hubs at New Orleans, Louisiana, and Hampton Roads, Virginia, reflect the two primary focuses of trading activity in this growing coal export market.

"These new assessments add to Argus' leading coverage of global seaborne coal trade," Argus Media chairman and chief executive Adrian Binks said. "We are pleased to be the first to provide market transparency and pricing services for these important trading hubs."

The new prices are published weekly in Argus Coal Daily and Argus Coal Daily International; in these two services, Argus' clients are able to access coal prices in key markets around the world. For further information contact Tammy Tiedt in Houston at +1 713 429 6309, Seana Lanigan in London at +44 20 7780 4200, or email [email protected].

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