July 18, 2011

Statement from Pittsburgh Transportation Group on Governor’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission Action

PITTSBURGH, July 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- While recognizing the serious situation facing Pennsylvania's transportation system because of inadequate funding, we are deeply concerned about the financial impact on our over 400 independent contractors and on Pittsburgh Transportation Group (PTG)

PTG has a fleet of some 800 vehicles, including taxis, vans, limousines and shuttles. PTG companies include Yellow Cab, People's Cab, Super Shuttle, ExecuCar/Embassy Coach, and PTG Charter Services.

Our independent contractors - the cab drivers and Super Shuttle operators must pay for their own fuel, so it is easy to see how hard the impact will be with lifting the cap on the Pennsylvania Oil Company Franchise Tax. Raising the price of gasoline by another estimated nearly 14 cents a gallon would create serious financial hardships for our drivers.

Increasing vehicle registration fees will also have a direct impact on our bottom line.

Before the State Legislature takes any final action on the Advisory Commission's proposed increases, we strongly urge them to weigh the serious consequences of this proposal on our independent contractors and on Pittsburgh Transportation Group.

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SOURCE Pittsburgh Transportation Group