July 20, 2011

Air Charter of Police Force Out of Afghanistan

DUBAI, UAE, July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

As politically unstable Afghanistan begins to pick itself up from the
devastation of the ongoing conflict; the government and ruling body have
devised ways to ensure that the country maintains some semblance of order.

As a recent article in The Washington Post claims, US and Afghani
authorities are planning a major overhaul of the nation's Police Force.

Air Charter International had the opportunity to be part of this
endeavour when they were approached by a reputable travel agency to
transport police officers overseas for training.

"We received the inquiry on the 11th of July, just three days before the
first flight was supposed to take place," said Claire Brugirard, Manager of
the Charter Sales department at Air Charter International.

There were 560 passengers that were traveling from Kabul in Afghanistan
to Sivas in Turkey, who were split up into four different charter flights.

"Because of the number of passengers we started with 2 flights on the
14th July, 1 flight on 15th July and 1 on 16th July." The 560 law
enforcement personnel selected for this training were transported to their
destination on a Boeing 737-300.

Ms. Brugirard mentioned that organising the number of passengers into
their respective chartered flights was not the only challenge of this
particular passenger charter.

"Many other aviation companies had bid on this requirement and as a
result there was a lot of competition involved," said Ms. Brugirard.

She also stated that since there was a limited time frame and parties
such as the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan and the
International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), they had to obtain
clearances via diplomatic channels which they managed to do successfully.

Ms. Brugirard further stated that they also had to deal with extremely
tight operating hours at Sivas Airport. "On Thursday this airport closed as
1800 UTC and on Friday the airport closed at 1400 UTC, so realistically it
was almost impossible to fit a schedule into such operating hours."

In light of these restrictions, the Charter Sales team at Air Charter
International worked tirelessly to ensure that these flights were
successfully deployed. "To combat these difficult timings we worked at and
were granted special permission by Turkish authorities to land at a later
time in Sivas, Turkey."

The mission was conducted successfully and authorities in Afghanistan
were pleased to have their personnel on site in Sivas to begin their

"This was a challenging yet rewarding passenger charter," said Ms.
Brugirard. "We are grateful for the opportunity to promote our extensive
aviation knowledge and services and look forward to working with these
various governing bodies again."

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