July 24, 2011

ISA Names Seven ‘True Professionals of Arboriculture’

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Seven professionals--some forging new ways to save the urban tree canopy, partnering with innovative tree planting programs, and teaching children around the world about the science of tree care--have been selected as the International Society of Arboriculture's (ISA) 2011 class of "True Professionals of Arboriculture."

Recognition took place at the 87th annual ISA Conference and Trade Show, July 23-27th in Sydney, Australia honoring:

  • Richard Adkins (Phoenix, Ariz.)
  • Casey Combs (Philadelphia, Penn.)
  • Mike Galvin (Washington, D.C.)
  • Gordon Mann (Auburn, Calif.)
  • Carl Melllinger (Pacific Palisades, Calif.)
  • William Spradley (Kirkwood, MO)
  • Tim Womick (Asheboro, N.C.)

"Each of these arborists is a consummate professional, and it is my belief their actions can serve as a best practices guide for our industry," says ISA President Tim Gamma. "The winners offer a unique approach to their trade and educating thousands about the importance of trees and proper tree care."

The accomplishments of the 2011 "True Professionals of Arboriculture" include:

  • Developed a comprehensive plan with the city of Phoenix and utility companies to remove and replace trees in conflict with power lines (Adkins)
  • Increased awareness for tree research with local fundraising and pushed for community involvement to plant trees and change neighborhoods (Mann)
  • Established a tree recovery program at an historic university after an ice storm caused major damage to the college's tree canopy (Spradley)
  • Improved customer outreach by providing workers with uniforms, training, and Spanish handbooks (Mellinger)
  • Generated the first Tree Report Card in Washington, D.C., rating the success of initiatives to help the urban tree canopy (Galvin)
  • Partnered with numerous tree care programs, using social media to spread the message and worked successfully with a non-profit organization on a lean budget (Combs)
  • Created a science-based education program with an international goal of teaching children about the importance of tree care (Womick)

ISA, located in Champaign, Ill, US, launched the "True Professionals of Arboriculture" recognition program in 2009 to increase public understanding of arboriculture and the professional skills of today's arborists. For more information, visit www.isa-arbor.com

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