July 28, 2011

Bio S.I. Technology Equips Gardening Enthusiasts With the Secret to ‘Green Thumb’ Success

DALLAS, July 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Manicured yards are highly desirable but a number of factors can prevent gardeners from achieving preferred results. The root of the problem may lie within the soil in which plants are being grown rather than the maintenance that struggling gardeners are applying to their plants. Fortunately, Bio S.I. Technology (www.biositechnology.com) has the "dirt" on how to grow and maintain a successful lawn and garden.

Bio S.I. Technology's Lawn & Garden Formula, a soil inoculant created for yard application, consists of naturally occurring microbes which loosen compacted soil allowing better water penetration and also freeing tied up nutrients, making them available for uptake by plants. Microbes use enzymes to loosen soil particles, break up rock, and digest plant and animal debris left behind. This process recycles many nutrients reducing the amount of fertilizer you have to use.

With the microbial formula, lawns, gardens become more vigorous and soil tilth is improved. Lawns enjoy better grass coverage and gardens produce better tasting vegetables when using the product. In addition, root development improves and plants have noticeably less disease and insect damage. Overall, plants simply become healthier and more robust in general with the help of Bio S.I.'s Lawn & Garden Formula.

Since Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Formula improves fertilizer and water efficiency, consumers will save money. Reducing the amount of fertilizer also decreases the chemical impact on our environment and neighbors. Bio S.I. also improves water penetration allowing for less watering of plants. This allows consumers to spend less money on their water bill.

Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Formula is available in a variety of sizes and can easily be applied to yards with a hose end sprayer, pump up sprayer and other surface sprayers and does not require a large amount in order to make a large difference.

Gardening enthusiasts can finally make their neighbors green with envy by reaping the many benefits that Bio S.I.'s Lawn & Garden Formula has to offer!

For more information about Bio S.I. Technology, or to purchase their cutting-edge formulas, please visit www.biositechnology.com or email [email protected]. For media related inquiries, please contact Jennifer Johnson of Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or via email at [email protected].

SOURCE Bio S.I. Technology