August 1, 2011

VIDEO from Chevrolet and Synaptic Digital: Electric Cars?

NEW YORK, Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Former Indy 500 Champion and current NASCAR Sprint Cup driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, knows his way around a race track. He thinks fuel economy is important on the race track and saving fuel always makes a big difference. Montoya's interest in fuel savings extends off the track as well and he recently purchased the Chevy Volt.

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Aerodynamics on an electric vehicle like the Volt is extremely important because it's one of the least expensive ways to increase fuel economy. Additionally, the Volt boasts an impressively low drag co-efficient, meaning it can go further on a single charge and consumers will get more bang for their buck. Chevrolet has spent twice as much time doing aerodynamic development on this vehicle and has paid close attention to battery life. They have calculated that long hours in a wind tunnel added 7 miles of battery range and 40 miles in gas powered extended range. Just as having fuel strategy to reduce pit stops is key to victories in racing, improving the battery range of an electric car, is key to its success as well.

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SOURCE Synaptic Digital; Chevrolet