August 1, 2011

AmeriPOD Considers Establishing a New Plant in Dallas – Could Create Over 200 Jobs

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J., Aug. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AmeriPOD, a New Jersey based manufacturing company, could create up to 250 jobs in Dallas by opening a new facility to prefabricate building components for construction projects.

"AmeriPOD is contemplating opening a new plant in Dallas that will create many jobs for the local community," said John Marino, Chairman at AmeriPOD. "Our plans to open a Dallas plant location are based on the construction demand in the area and being selected for a major hospital addition," added Marino.

Prefabricating bathroom units in an off site, controlled factory setting cuts construction time by months, provides superior quality control, and saves costs through lean manufacturing principles. All pods produced are also LEED friendly and provide inherent benefits and cost efficiencies for any construction project that requires multiple bathrooms. Moving the prefab work off site means that the bathrooms can be built, inspected and wrapped for shipping early in the construction process.

"Moving prefab work off site to a factory generates even greater benefits in a factory setting where lean manufacturing principles could be applied," Marino said. "The idea is to market prefab bathrooms and assemblies of other mechanical systems to construction companies based on their ability to save time. With the savings that we can produce, we can be a national organization."

AmeriPOD is bidding on jobs across the US and as far away as Costa Rica and another plant location is starting to make sense. According to Anthony Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing at AmeriPOD, "We have a pretty good pipeline on projects."

The demand for this type of off site construction has been steadily growing in the US, particularly in the healthcare, hospitality and education segments where quicker occupancy and keeping a project within budget are critical issues. AmeriPOD offers customers in these markets, and others, a valuable alternative to traditional construction and has been pushing the envelope with bigger and bigger assemblies.

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