August 2, 2011

Add Sun and Rain Protection to Existing Pergolas

TORONTO, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ShadeFX Canopies Inc. of Toronto Canada announced today the availability of the "Topside" canopy system designed to mount on top of new and existing pergola frames.

Thousands of restaurants have pergola frames that define the outdoor dining space, support lighting and fans, yet don't protect from sun or rain. To add sun and rain protection to these pergola frames, ShadeFX has developed a canopy system that mounts above the pergola, allowing uninterrupted use of fans, lighting and radiant heaters that are usually mounted under the structure.

"There is no other retractable system we are aware of that can mount above any pergola, retract into an area 1/30 of its extended size, and can be relied on to protect from sun and rain," says Steve Ostrowski, President and CEO of ShadeFX Canopies Inc.

The system uses a patent pending monorail track that cannot jam or bind because it is one track, eliminating alignment and planarism issues normally associated with tracked systems on outdoor frames. It also uses the strength of the pergola frame as support, making it highly wind resistant and able to cover areas up to thirty feet long by twenty feet wide.

"Adding a ShadeFX canopy to any pergola will multiply the value of the space it covers tenfold, because rain or shine, the space underneath will be comfortable and used to its full potential," says Ostrowski.

ShadeFX Canopies Inc. specializes in monorail drive retractable canopy systems for which it has a worldwide patent pending. Contact Steve Ostrowski at 416-450-1324 or visit their website at, or by e-mail at [email protected].

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SOURCE ShadeFX Canopies Inc.