August 4, 2011

DUNMORE Blankets NASA’s Juno Jupiter Probe in Layers of Thermal, Magnetic Protection

BRISTOL, Pa., Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Layers of DUNMORE multi-layer insulation (MLI) materials will protect NASA's Juno probe from extreme temperatures and radiation on its five-year journey to Jupiter to perform the first detailed mapping of that planet's massive magnetic field.

DUNMORE films comprise the external insulation blankets that will shield Juno's electronic systems from heat, cold and radiation. Dunmore also provided the adhesive tape that insulates the probe's internal wiring. The 2,300 feet of pure gold-coated insulation tape neutralizes the magnetic field from Juno's electrical wiring and prevents it from interfering with instruments that will map Jupiter's magnetic field in high definition. In addition to its instruments, Juno is also carrying three large solar array panels that required insulated wiring.

"Lockheed Martin, Juno's prime contractor, came to us with very specific needs for insulating materials that we were able to advise them on," said John Jordon, DUNMORE vice president. "We've been providing materials to space programs from the Shuttle to the International Space Station for years, so we had a good understanding of their weight restrictions and performance requirements. We helped develop the specifications for the final materials, like adhesives that can endure wide temperature swings."

Juno is scheduled to lift off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida some time during a launch period that begins on August 5 and extends through August 26. The actual date depends on weather and other conditions. NASA expects the 400-million-mile journey across the solar system to yield detailed new data on Jupiter's origin, evolution, and its massive magnetic field, the largest in our solar system. Twin magnetometers mounted on a 13-foot boom wrapped in insulation blankets made of DUNMORE MLI material will render the magnetic field in high resolution images.

DUNMORE's MLI materials can replace heavier materials such as metals and composites used to shield sensitive space-based systems from cold, debris and radiation. In addition to the Juno and the Shuttle program, DUNMORE has supplied protective materials to the current generation of GPS satellites and will be supplying to the next-generation GPS III program, which will encompass a minimum of 30 new satellites. DUNMORE materials can also be found on the Hubble Space Telescope and most recently launched NASA/JPL Aquarius spacecraft.


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