August 5, 2011

Midtronics Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Argus Analyzers and BP Power

WILLOWBROOK, Ill., Aug. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Midtronics, Inc. today announced a victory in its patent infringement case against Aurora Performance Products LLC, et al., (Argus Analyzers and BP Power). The decision upholds Midtronics' rights as the inventor of industry-leading technology in battery diagnostics.

Following a bench trial and extensive post-trial briefing, Senior United States District Judge Milton I. Shadur issued his findings and opinion Wednesday, which he calls "a complete victory in favor of Midtronics against defendants." Judge Shadur found that Argus and BP Power willfully infringed one of Midtronics' foundational patents by importing, offering for sale, and selling their automotive battery testers sold under the Argus Analyzers trade name.

The opinion states that Midtronics is entitled to a permanent injunction against Argus and BP Power from making, importing, using, selling, or offering for sale Argus' AA350, AA400, AA500, AA500P and AA550P battery testers, using what Argus calls Large Pulse Resistance (LPR) technology, in the United States for the life of the patent. The injunction will also prevent Argus from selling any other similar products using the infringing methodology.

In addition, the opinion states that Argus/BP Power will have to pay Midtronics' attorneys' fees and other litigation costs based on defendants' willful infringement and recklessness of their litigation conduct. Judge Shadur scheduled a hearing for August 16 to address the injunction and legal fees and expenses due to Midtronics.

"The court's decision reaffirms the robust strength of Midtronics' patents and the breadth of our intellectual property portfolio," said Steve McShane, President and CEO of Midtronics. "I am pleased that the court has confirmed the validity of one of our foundational patents. Midtronics is committed to vigorous defense of our intellectual property so that we can continue to invest in the advancement of battery management."

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