August 5, 2011

Will the Hydropower Industry Exceed $60 Billion by 2012?

FARMINGTON, Conn., Aug. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Information, Inc. presents a new market research report, "The Hydropower Market 2011-2021" by Visiongain (For more information:

One-sixth of the world's electricity is currently generated by hydropower. Hydropower, a low-carbon energy source, is likely to play an increasingly significant role in the future of the global energy supply as the world inevitably moves towards renewable energy in lieu of fossil fuels. According to the new report, the global hydropower market is estimated to be worth $56.51 billion in 2011. Visiongain's forecast is defined in terms of spending on new hydropower projects in addition to spending on upgrades and expansions.

The report describes the most important technological changes within the hydropower industry and assesses their importance for the growth of the hydropower market over the long-term. The various drivers and restraints of the hydropower market are also evaluated in order to provide readers with specific insights into the future direction of the hydropower market.

The new hydropower market research report includes 65 tables and graphs quantifying, analyzing and forecasting the hydropower market in detail, and provides information on recently awarded contracts in more than 50 national markets. In addition, the report offers profiles of 50 leading companies within the hydropower market. Forecasting and analysis are underpinned by extensive consultation with expert opinion including transcripts of interviews with Vattenfall (a leading European energy company) and Black & Veatch (a global engineering and construction company).

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