August 8, 2011

Vice Chief of Indian Army to Address Soldier Modernisation at New Delhi Conference

LONDON, August 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

As the Indian Armed Forces embark upon one of the most sweeping,
multi-billion dollar infantry modernisation programmes in the world, the
Vice Chief of the Indian Army, Lieutenant General A.S. Lamba, will be
briefing delegates at Defence IQ's Soldier Modernisation India conference in
October on the strategy for future infantry development, and where
investment will be prioritised.

Faced with the increasing threats of urban insurgency and sophisticated
acts of terrorism, the Indian Armed Forces are currently carrying out the
most thorough soldier modernisation programme the country has ever seen.
Begun in 2008, the Futuristic Infantry Soldier as a System (F-INSAS)
programme aims to improve the lethality and sustainability of Indian
infantrymen over the next ten years by investing billions of US dollars into
creating a fully integrated soldier, equipped with the highest level of
digitised technology for increased situational awareness and real-time
updates, as well as lightweight protective clothing and equipment to
minimise injury whilst maintaining mobility.

Speaking on day one of the conference, Lieutenant General Lamba will be
joined on the expert speaker panel by other key decision makers from the
Indian Armed Forces involved in the F-INSAS programme including:

        - Lieutenant General J.P. Singh, Deputy Chief of Army Staff,
          Indian Army
        - Lieutenant General Nerender Singh, Director General Infantry,
          Indian Army
        - Lieutenant General N.P. Singh, Director General Information
          Systems, Indian Army

In addition to specific plans for soldier modernisation and the future
technology that will be introduced into the Indian Army, these senior
officers will be briefing delegates on current capability gaps,
opportunities for tenders and the Indian Armed Forces' procurement process
for new technology and equipment.

Full event information and delegate registration is available online at Defence IQ is offering all serving
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