August 8, 2011

SWD Urethane Announces New No Heat Sprayfoam

MESA, Ariz., Aug. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SWD Urethane announced the development of a new no-heat sprayfoam specifically designed to work with the new Graco E-8p Reactor. The new foam, identified as Quik-Shield 106 ZH, is a 1/2 pound, open cell sprayfoam insulation product with a 4.0 R-value.

Quik-Shield 106 ZH is the only 1/2 lb. no-heat foam currently approved for the E-8p. The Quik-Shield formula is both ICC and CCMC (Canada) approved, and has passed the toughest SPF smoke and flame test, ASTM E-84 at 4". The foam also carries the GREENGUARD Children & Schools certification, so it is certified to have low VOCs, contain no formaldehyde, and can help create a healthy indoor living environment.

Jim Perkins, president for SWD Urethane, explained the benefits of the new system, "We believe the Quik-Shield foam along with the new E-8 Reactor will be a break-through system for the home remodeling and retrofit market. It will open up opportunities for people to improve the energy performance of their home by 40% or more. The lower system cost of the E-8 also makes it a good product for the traditional insulation installer looking to get into sprayfoam insulation. We know there are contractors out there using froth kits, and we hope to help them realize, this system is better."

As a smaller lightweight system, the E-8p is ideal for spraying attics and rim joists in existing homes, touching up foam insulation in tight areas. It represents a lower cost alternative to froth kits and is a great backup system for spray rigs. Because of the E-8p's compact design, the foam comes in 5 gallon buckets versus the 55 gallon drums for the larger spray rigs.

Quik-Shield 106 ZH is offered exclusively by SWD Urethane. Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, SWD has been serving the sprayfoam market since 1972, SWD offers a full range of sprayfoam solutions for roofing and building envelope performance.

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