August 9, 2011

AVL Launches First Compliant Part 1965 FTIR Engine Exhaust Emission Measurement System

PLYMOUTH, Mich., Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- AVL announced today its newest member to the family of iGeneration Emission Products, the SESAM i60 FT. New measurement requirements incorporated into the Euro VI and EPA 40 CFR part 1065 emission testing regulations have driven the design of the AVL SESAM i60 FT. This successor to the well known SESAM-FTIR will be the first complete and fully automated FTIR based system to be able to address the latest stringent requirements from the EPA.

"Decades of FTIR engine exhaust measurement application experience, combined with the proven hardware and software technology of AVL's iGeneration products will allow us to continue to support the industry's need to address the new fuel economy, emission, calibration, and alternative fuel standards that in many cases cannot be satisfied with conventional instrumentation," said Frank Commiskey, AVL's Director of Business Development for Emission Products.

The new SESAM i60 FT brings the FTIR from a special scientific laboratory instrument into the main stream of engine development and use in a production emissions test cell. The iGeneration platform provides the industry's expected ease of operation and the ability to seamlessly integrate the system into a test cell just like a traditional state of the art emissions bench

The following features make the SESAM i60 a complete sampling and measurement instrument for R&D as well as for use in regulatory compliance:

  • User selectable 1Hz and 5Hz scan rates
  • Optimized 5Hz fast response, low-flow sampling system
  • User selectable flow configurations with fast system response time of ~350ms to < 1sec. while maintaining low extracted flow
  • Diagnostic reports for regulatory compliance and data quality

As it pertains to the Part 1065 compliance, the system can include the following check functions according to the listed 1065 paragraphs. Where different limits are applicable for ECE / EPA and EPA 1065 legislation, checks can be performed according to one or the other legislation.

    1065.275           N2O measurement devices
                        Verification for accuracy, repeatability, and noise
    1065.305            (ANR Check)
    1065.307           Analyzer linearity verification
                        Continuous gas analyzer system-response and updating-
    1065.308            recording verification
    1065.345d/e        Dilution of span gas and vacuum decay leak verification
    1065.360           FID optimization and verification (analyzer feature)
                        Non-stoichiometric raw exhaust FID O2 interference
    1065.362            verification
    1065.375           Interference verification for N2O analyzers.
    1065.520g          Hydrocarbon contamination verification

For more information on the SESAM's 3 year warranty and features such as its capability of incorporating conventional analyzers into same test measurement bench; i.e. FID (THC), PMD (O2), and second stream with NDIR (intake CO2 for EGR), or second FTIR if needed please check the website

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