The IdentyMe Virtual Business Card Creator

August 17, 2011

IdentyMe is a new online service which gives you the opportunity to create a virtual business card for yourself or your business. It has a great graphical layout and a unique display, the website is a very clean and professional one which is very easy on the eyes.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

Technology in the digital age has superseded paper in a number of ways. People now communicate by email far more than by writing letters. Ebook sales are rising year on year, and millions of people now send e-cards to their families and friends rather than traditional cards in the mail. The most recent adoption of digital technology, and one of the most useful, is in the creation of virtual business cards.

A virtual business card is created and distributed online. As with traditional business cards, they are used in social networking to build relationships. They are far more versatile than traditional business cards in terms of the amount of information which they can contain, and due to the fact that they exist online they can be viewed by a far greater number of people.

The website IdentyMe is the perfect place to create a virtual business card, or vCard. Members who use their service can firstly create their own vCard using one of a range of different professionally designed templates as the basic theme. The themes are fully customizable using a built in theme editor, meaning that each individual user can create a unique design for their vCard based on their own tastes.

The amount of information which can be included on an IdentyMe vCard is impressive. Each member is given their own mini site with a unique web address. Users can even use their own domain name if they wish, which can be useful as part of a branding strategy. This single page is incredibly quick and easy to set up, and once established users can begin building their content.

That content can include high resolution photographs as part of IdentyMe’s portfolio feature. This is a particularly useful feature for any photographers, artists, or graphic designers, as it provides a platform for them to be able to showcase their work. Users can also upload their resume as a text file or directly onto their vCard. This can be a fantastic way for users to make potential employers aware of their skills and qualities.

The IdentyMe virtual business card is designed to facilitate networking and the building of professional relationships. Therefore one of its most impressive and useful features is the integration of over one hundred different social networking and social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Tumblr, Linkedin, and many others are represented. IdentyMe conveniently keeps all social profiles in one place, where they can be shared with others for maximum networking potential.

IdentyMe also allows current contacts to be imported directly from a mobile phone or email address book. This saves a huge amount of time in establishing a user’s mini site as the hub for all of their communications. IdentyMe features an extremely useful instant messaging service to allow effective communication between friends, colleagues and business partners.

The IdentyMe vCard. is a fantastic way to establish and maintain business relationships. It looks professional and stylishly designed, and can be shared with a multitude of people. Users can save money by not requiring business cards to be printed, as well as reducing their carbon footprint by using this paperless technology. For these reasons it can be seen that the virtual business card is the future of social networking.


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