Energize Missouri Launching Statewide Energy-Efficiency Educational Tour at MO State Fair

August 19, 2011

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Aug. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Energize Missouri Homes Tour, an initiative sponsored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Energy to teach consumers how to be more energy efficient and cut energy costs, was launched at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia this week. The fair is continuing this weekend and will end on August 21.

Energize Missouri is a program funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to educate Missouri residents about the benefits of residential energy efficiency, state personal income tax deductions for home energy audits and the benefits of installing home energy-efficiency measures.

“The Energize Missouri Homes Tour will include a custom-designed vehicle that will have exhibits and information designed to engage, educate and empower consumers to address issues within their homes that affect health, safety, comfort, durability and energy efficiency,” said Sara Parker Pauley, Director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. “This traveling exhibit will visit communities around Missouri. In each town, an energy auditor will give energy-efficiency demonstrations to provide specific tips for cutting energy costs and answer consumer questions about how to make their homes more energy efficient.”

Representatives will also share information about state tax credits such as the $1,000 a year/$2,000 lifetime maximum deduction for the cost of conducting a certified energy audit of your home and implementing the auditor’s recommendations.

The centerpiece of the energy exhibit at the State Fair this week is the “House of Pressure,” which will also be part of the statewide tour. The House is made of clear plastic and allows consumers to see exactly how a home works “behind the scenes.” The House has an operable forced air duct system, a dryer, bathroom fan, fireplace and water heater. There are smoke generators for the fireplace, water heater and car exhaust. “Viewing the House of Pressure is a valuable tool, because consumers can learn exactly what they can do to increase their home energy efficiency,” said Llona C. Weiss, Director of the Division of Energy.

In addition to The House of Pressure currently on display at the Fair, there are activities for children, including the interactive “Energy Hog” game that teaches energy efficiency tips in an entertaining way.

The Energize Missouri Home Tour exhibit is housed in The Woman’s Building at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. The fair is entering its final weekend and will be open until August 21. The hours of the exhibit are from 9am-5pm daily. The mobile tour is scheduled to start September 12 and will travel around the State of Missouri for six weeks.

For more information on the Energize Missouri Mobile Tour, contact Dalena Hardy at the Missouri Division of Energy P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176 or 573-526-5308, and dalena.hardy@dnr.mo.gov.

Dalena Hardy

SOURCE Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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