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VIDEO from Siemens and Synaptic Digital: New Technology to Help Prevent Droughts

August 24, 2011

NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Fresh water supplies are diminishing across the country due to rising temperatures, while increasing population and inadequate resources are leading to a rise in demand. This summer alone, Texas, Colorado, California, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana have all faced drought-like conditions.

See video from Siemens at: http://inr.synapticdigital.com/Siemens/AuroraWater.

According to government statistics, at least 36 states are expected to experience water shortage in the next few years. Aurora, Colorado has taken water planning to heart in developing their Water Treatment Plant and implementing Siemens Water Technologies’ CONTRAFAST system, proving once again that the key to a cost effective solution is hi-tech innovation.

The once drought ridden community now has 50 million more gallons of water per day , boosting the supply by 20% and ensuring a sustainable water supply for the people of Aurora. The technologies used in the Water Treatment Plant are removing the bulk of contaminants and helping to soften, filter and clarify the water so it may be reused and recycled.

Aurora will have a sustainable supply of drinking water into the 2020′s; experts say cities and states with similar water challenges and “hard to treat” water supplies can and should follow suit to their water supplies as well.


SOURCE Synaptic Digital; Siemens

Source: PR Newswire