October 12, 2005

Nokia Launches New Corporate Phone Line-up

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Mobile phone maker Nokia said on Wednesday it was launching three new mobile devices for business users, aiming to capture a bigger slice of the lucrative corporate market.

It said the E60, E61 and E70 phones would hit the shelves in the first quarter of next year and are designed to work with mobile e-mail systems like RIM's BlackBerry Connect as well as Nokia's own Business Center, which it launched last month to make e-mail available on a wider range of phones.

Nokia said it expects the new phones to sell for $420-$540 (350-540 euros), excluding operator subsidies and local taxes.

"On pricing, absolutely, we are going to be competitive. Obviously these are the devices we have high targets for," Niklas Savander, Senior Vice President at Nokia Enterprise Solutions unit, told a news conference in London.

They would also support mobile e-mail from Visto Mobile, Seven and Good Technology Inc, the company said.

The new devices include a range of GSM frequencies and 3G capability as well as WLAN and Bluetooth short-range radio technologies, differentiating them from some competitors, it added.

"This represents the first generation of the E-series family and certainly we expect to extend it over time," said Mary McDowell, head of the Nokia Enterprise corporate unit.

The E60 would allow conference calls as well as Internet protocol-based telephone applications, with a color screen for handling e-mail and calendar functions.

The E61 has a full keyboard and can send and receive e-mails while the user is on a phone call.

The E70 has a messaging keyboard, with a color screen for viewing e-mails as well as spreadsheets and presentations.

Nokia also said its 9300 and 9500 corporate handsets had sold more than 1 million units in a year.


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