November 8, 2006

SEPTA to Improve Service on Bus Routes Operating in Manayunk and Roxborough

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- SEPTA is improving service on several bus routes that operate in Manayunk and Roxborough. Starting Sunday, November 12, riders will find significant service changes on bus Routes 9 and 35 and the renaming of Route 61 Express service as bus Route 62.

   The changes include:    -- Route 9 - current service will be extended from Ridge & Summit      Avenues to Ridge Avenue & Cathedral Road serving the Andorra      Shopping Center.    -- Route 35 (Manayunk-Roxborough Loop) - the bus route will return to a      neighborhood 'circulator' operating through Manayunk and      Roxborough. Service will now operate from the intersection of Ridge      & Lyceum Avenues via Ridge Avenue, Roxborough Avenue, Manayunk      Avenue, Leverington Avenue, Silverwood Street, Rector Street, Cresson      Street, Green Lane, Main Street, Leverington Avenue, Umbria Street,      Fountain Street, and Ridge Avenue back to the intersection of Ridge      & Lyceum Avenues.  The section of the current route which operates      between Andorra and Ridge Avenue & Fountain Street will be      discontinued, however, riders can make connections with bus Routes 9      and 27 at Ridge & Lyceum Avenues to travel to Andorra.  Service      between the Wissahickon Transfer Center (Ridge Avenue & Main      Street) and Main Street & Green Lane will also be discontinued.       Passengers traveling to the Wissahickon Transfer Center may transfer to      bus Route 9 on Ridge Avenue.    -- Route 62 - Formerly operated as Route 61 Express service, Route 62 will      operate from Wissahickon Avenue & Cathedral Road (Andorra) via      Ridge Avenue, Domino Lane, Umbria, Leverington and Main Streets through      Manayunk to the Wissahickon Transfer Center and then to Center City via      the Schuylkill Expressway.   

New timetables are available now at SEPTA sales offices, on vehicles and at SEPTA transportation districts. The schedules will also be available on the SEPTA web site at For additional information call SEPTA Customer Service at (215) 580-7800.


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