March 21, 2007

New NADCA I-Select Al Software Takes Guesswork Out of Alloy Selection

WHEELING, Ill., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) has created new i-Select Al software to help designers, product specifiers and die casters identify the aluminum alloy chemistry needed to meet a specific set of casting properties.

Developed in conjunction with Worchester Polytechnic Institute, the software package allows users to select an alloy from a comprehensive database of aluminum die casting alloy chemistries and properties covered by over 300 worldwide standards.

"Custom aluminum alloys can deliver a variety of benefits, including increased strength, better corrosion resistance, increased wear resistance or improved thermal conductivity," said Daniel L. Twarog, NADCA's president. "A major benefit of the i-Select Al software is the prediction module, which enables die casters to create alloy chemistry based on an input of desired properties, or vice-versa, predicts properties based on an input of alloy chemistry."

Aluminum alloy can be modified by changing the percentages of 10 elements that used in addition to aluminum in creating casting alloys. Different combinations will change characteristics such as density, thermal conductivity, ultimate tensile strength, tensile yield strength, ductility and elasticity.

In addition to the i-Select Al software's extensive property database, the program includes casting characteristics, photomicrographs of representative microstructures, stress-strain curves, fatigue curves and cooling curves of select aluminum die casting alloys.

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