April 19, 2007

Dakota Beef CEO Scott Lively Appears Before Congressional Panel

WASHINGTON, April 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Dakota Beef CEO Scott Lively provided testimony yesterday before the House Subcommittee on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture. The Congressional panel heard from three groups of leaders in the organic industry: one representing the organic industry as a whole, one representing organic producers and one representing organic manufacturers. Mr. Lively, a leading expert in the organic beef industry in the United States, was invited before the Subcommittee specifically to discuss the economic and environmental impacts of organic production and processing in the U.S.

"I was overwhelmingly impressed with the knowledge possessed by the Subcommittee members. They were extremely well-informed and had clearly done their research prior to the hearing," said Mr. Lively. "They had very specific questions and listened intently to our testimony," he added. According to Mr. Lively, a majority of the questions asked by the Subcommittee members centered on the three year transition period in moving a farm or ranch from conventional to organic and the impact of imported agricultural products and their effect on the U.S. organic production market.

Congressman Dennis A. Cardoza (D-CA) chairs the House Subcommittee on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture. Ranking Minority Member Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) is joined by Subcommittee Members Bob Etheridge (D-NC) Lincoln Davis (D-TN), Tim Mahoney (D-FL), John Barrow (D-GA), Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D-NY), John R. "Randy" Kuhl, Jr. (R-NY), Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and K. Michael Conaway (R-TX). The testimony provided by Mr. Lively and other organic industry leaders is expected to help shape portions of the upcoming 2007 Farm Bill.

Dakota Beef LLC is the leading certified organic beef company in the country, operating its own certified organic, USDA inspected processing plant in Howard, South Dakota. The company only sells certified organic beef products and its cattle are never administered antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones. All of its cattle are born and raised on certified organic pastures. Its animals are always treated humanely both to reduce stress, and to help their natural immune systems operate at their fullest potential. Dakota Beef feeds its cattle on a proprietary mix of certified organic grains to promote high levels of marbling and ensure consistently flavorful and tender beef.

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