June 25, 2007

American Food Holdings, Inc. CEO Dennis Reinhold Announces Tremendous Growth Period on Traders Nation

American Food Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AFHD) is pleased to announce that Dennis Reinhold, CEO of American Food Holdings, Inc., was featured on Traders Nation (http://www.tradersnation.com) June 22th. The interview was hosted by Kurt Schemers and aired live at 11:40 a.m. EDT on radio stations throughout the country.

Mr. Reinhold spoke about the recent events regarding the expansion of the Company's BEEF JERKY OUTLET(TM) stores. Other topics covered in the interview included an overview of the Company's expected growth, with an insight into 6 Decades of fine beef quality production, for more information visit http://www.americanfoodholdings.com

A replay of Mr. Reinhold's interview will be available later in the day on the Traders Nation Web site: http://www.tradersnation.com/player/?id=330

"We see tremendous amount of growth with all of our networks in the next year and a half with the potential to significantly increase our market cap," stated Dennis Reinhold.

Recently, AFHD announced the opening of 2 new outlets with a plan to open 5 more for 2008 to reach their goal of 10 stores. The company is seeking aggressive growth by going national with its brand of high quality snacks as well as branding THE BEEF JERKY OUTLET(TM) stores thru out the U.S.A.

About Traders Nation:

Traders Nation Radio Show: Multiple segments make up "LIVE" hour-long program where listeners and viewers gather daily to hear the latest small-cap news. Scheduled guests include industry experts and CEOs. Traders share investing and trading strategies, and potential hot stock plays swirl throughout the call-in portion of the show. Traders Nation broadcasts live on New York ABC's Starguide Satellite System and can be heard on: KBNP 1410AM, "The Money Station," Portland, OR; KSBN 1230AM, "Money Talk 1230," Spokane, WA; KITZ 1400AM, "MegaTalk 1400," Port Orchard, WA; KGTK 920AM, "MegaTalk 920," Fort Orchard, WA; WLLA 1680AM, Long Lake, MN; KBNN 750AM, Lebanon, MO.

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American Food Co., Inc. manufactures and markets beef jerky and other snack foods under the Reinhold & Timko(R) Beef Snacks brand name. The Company's jerky product line includes items made from premium cuts of beef, chicken and turkey. American Food supplies products to more than 300 distributors across the US.

The Company's meat products are USDA inspected and seasoned with a blend of high quality natural spices and seasonings. These products are high in protein and low in fat, sugar and carbohydrate. American Food's meats don't contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), an ingredient harmful to some consumers.

American Food Holdings, Inc. (AFHD) is the parent company of Reinhold and Timko(R), a company whose management has a combined 210 years of experience in the production of fine quality beef and meat snacks. AFHD's Reinhold & Timko(R) division has manufactured quality jerky and meat snacks in Michigan since 1983. In 1997, Reinhold & Timko(R) built a state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. ft. USDA-inspected facility capable of producing millions of pounds of snacks a year was built. The company currently distributes its quality snacks through company-owned and privately owned outlets as well as nationwide distributors. Expansion plans include opening new outlets, franchising and profitable food acquisitions.

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SOURCE: American Food Holdings, Inc.