Creationism Vs Evolution - The Battle Continues In The UK
September 21, 2011

Creationism Vs Evolution – The Battle Continues In The UK


In an effort to curb the teaching of Creationism and Intelligent Design (ID) in British public schools, scientists have called on the government to toughen its guidance on their promotion in classrooms.

The effort led by prominent scientists, including the naturalist David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins (an atheist), accuses religious fundamentalists as portraying Creationism and ID as scientific theory. They claim it is unacceptable to teach creationism and ID, whether it happens in science lessons or not. The scientists also claim there are two organizations, Truth in Science and Creation Ministries, who are presenting their creationist views as science, according to the Guardian.

The scientists told the Guardian, “Creationism and intelligent design are not scientific theories, but they are portrayed as scientific theories by some religious fundamentalists who attempt to have their views promoted in publicly funded schools. There should be enforceable statutory guidance that they may not be presented as scientific theories in any publicly funded school of whatever type.”

The scientists claim that Truth in Science is trying to encourage the incorporation of ID into the science curriculum. The scientists said that Truth in Science has sent free resources to heads of schools and librarians to undermine the theory of evolution and have ID ideas portrayed as credible scientific viewpoints.

Truth in Science denies these claims, they told the Guardian, “We wish to highlight the scientific weaknesses of neo-Darwnism and to encourage a more critical approach to the teaching of evolution in schools and universities.”

The scientists, though may be fighting an uphill battle. The Telegraph claims that the ID and creationist arguments, that the world was built in six days by God, according to the Bible and Muslims, have become more popular in recent years.

Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association told the Telegraph, “Evolution is probably the most important idea underlying biological science and we support the view of many experts that it should be introduced right from primary level in all state-maintained schools. At the same time, the threat of creationism and intelligent design being taught as science is real and ongoing, particularly as more schools are opened up to be run by religious fundamentalists.”