India Launches Cheap Tablet For Students
October 5, 2011

India Launches Cheap Tablet For Students

India launched the world's cheapest tablet computer on Wednesday for the low cost of $45.

The Akash features a 7-inch screen, Wi-Fi Internet access, a media player and 180 minutes of battery power.

Students will be able to purchase the tablet for a subsidized price of $45, but other consumers will have to purchase theirs for about $60.

The new tablet supports video conferencing, has two USB ports and a three-hour battery life.

India has a 61 percent literacy rate, compared to other developing nations like China with a 92 percent literacy rate. 

The Akash is part of a push to try and increase how many students are in higher education programs and to try and allow them the opportunity to improve technology skills.

India is releasing 100,000 of the devices to students for free.  The country has a 1.2 billion population, with the majority of those being poor and unable to afford products like Apple's iPad.