Test Prep Authority Launches Every College Question Answered

June 4, 2012

Test Prep Authority, an SAT and ACT resource center launched by renowned test prep guru Anthony-James Green, has just partnered with College Match College Consulting to launch a holistic new college admissions product called Every College Question Answered. The product combines two unique perspectives on the college admissions process – one from a test prep expert, one from an admissions consultant, two perspectives that are integral to the admissions process, but which have never been combined to form a whole picture. Every College Question Answered provides parents and students with a basic primer on the essential steps necessary to gain admissions to the colleges of their choice, and to pick the proper colleges in the first place.

New York, New York (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

Parents and students looking to gain admission to the top colleges in the country have a Herculean task ahead of them – not only are they facing a more competitive admissions environment than ever before in history, but they’re also dealing with an increasingly sophisticated applicant pool with more and more admissions tools and expertise at their disposal. To gain admission, students need to get the best grades and test scores possible, and they need to craft applications which appeal to colleges and separate them from the thousands of other applicants that admissions officers need to review each year. Every College Question Answered, a new program created by a group of the leading college experts in the country, aims to give parents and students a holistic view of the entire process and give them a leg up in the process.

“Every student needs high test scores to get into their dream schools,” says Anthony-James Green, president of Test Prep Authority and widely regarded as one of the best ACT and SAT tutors in the country. “If they don’t have high test scores, they need to consider “score-optional” colleges and know how to select the ones that best fit their needs, strengths, and personalities. In either case, families need to be far more educated on the proper process for improving test scores and for coming up with a contingency plan if they don’t achieve them.”

David Montesano, president of College Match College Consulting and co-creator of Every College Question Answered, explains the need for the product and the importance of having a holistic college application mindset:

“For a student to get into her dream school, she needs to do two things. First, she needs to develop her personal attributes to create the strongest application profile possible. Higher grades, test scores, and a focused set of extracurricular activities are all essential. Second, she needs to market that profile to colleges as effectively as possible. Most students are already aware of how important their personal attributes are, but they’re very ineffective at crafting applications that “sell” those attributes properly to colleges. As a result, they end up getting rejected to schools that would be happy to accept them if they properly understood what the student had to offer.”

Green and Montesano, who have worked together closely in the past and shared many of the same clients, decided that they should create a simple, holistic product which guides families through the proper college process from start to finish. They recently put together Every College Question Answered, a series of interviews between them which explains every aspect of the application and application preparation process to parents and students interested in attending the country’s top schools.

“Students getting college admissions consulting all need proper test prep. High ACT and SAT scores are an essential ingredient in the college recipe. Conversely, my SAT and ACT students need proper college consulting, since they otherwise make a lot of mistakes which ruin their chances of admission. David and I put together Every College Question Answered to help families grasp the most important elements of the application process using one reliable source of information and combining our perspectives properly.”

Every College Question Answered comes with four hours of unique interview content between Green and Montesano. During the interview, Green and Montesano “pick each other’s brains” and outline a step-by-step process for crafting a proper application, selecting the right schools, and improving test scores by as much as possible using Green’s Test Prep Method. The product also comes with access to the exclusive Every College Question Answered online resource center, discounts on multiple Test Prep Authority products, and a free download of Green’s book, How to Take a Standardized Test.

Parents and students interested in the product can find it here (hard-copies are currently sold out, but they can purchase digital downloads for a $20 discount):


Anthony-James Green is the president of Test Prep Authority, the company which produces and sells Every College Question Answered. Parents and students interested in learning more about Test Prep Authority, a free online resource center for ACT and SAT practice, downloads, and Green’s entire Test Prep Method program, can learn more by visiting the site here:


David Montesano is the president of College Match College Consulting, based in San Francisco, and widely regarded as one of the most prestigious college consultancies in America:


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