For Sanity, One Test Prep Expert Recommends a Checklist

June 7, 2012

Test Prep Authority, an SAT and ACT resource center founded by renowned test prep expert Anthony-James Green, has just launched a new “Test Prep Checklist” system, and is currently offering it for free to all visiting students and their parents. The system aims to create a stress-free way for parents to monitor their children’s progress while also staying out of their hair, creating a seamless and automatic way for families going through the test prep process to live in relative harmony. The Test Prep Checklist, designed by Green, can be accessed via Test Prep Authority’s site, part of a wider initiative to help families manage the otherwise incredibly stressful test prep process.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 07, 2012

Parents with children studying for the SAT and ACT have long had to deal with a troubling paradox: if they leave their children to their own devices, the necessary work doesn’t get done, but if they try to proactively monitor the process, they get accused of nagging and pestering, and in some cases severely damage their relationships with their children. One test prep expert seems to have found a solution, and it doesn’t involve fancy software, psychology, or money spent. It simply requires a checklist.

Anthony-James Green is the founder of Test Prep Authority, and is widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in SAT and ACT prep. Under his tutelage, his nearly 300 personal SAT students have managed to improve their scores by nearly 350 points on average, and his methods have been taught internationally to thousands of educators and students worldwide. According to Green, managing the parent-student relationship is arguably the most important aspect of the entire test prep process.

“I’d say that student intelligence and ability is perhaps 10% of the equation,” says Green of his Test Prep Method. “The other 90% has to do with strategy, and a lot of that strategy has to do with keeping students and parents sane. If parents aren’t allowed to keep their fingers on the pulse of their children’s progress, they lose their minds. The problem is that when parents ask their kids about SAT and ACT prep, it ALWAYS comes across as nagging. That bothers the kid, which then demotivates him and ruins his test prep performance. Worse yet, it screws things up at the dinner table. The last thing parents or students want to do is discuss SAT scores during an otherwise pleasant dinner.”

To solve this problem, Green used his expertise in Six Sigma, a management efficiency tool, to devise a “Test Prep Checklist” which allows parents to silently and effortlessly manage their children’s progress. Families who use the checklist have a simple process to adhere to:

1. Define pre-determined action steps that the child will take very week in order to come closer to his or her SAT and ACT goals.

2. Leave a checklist out on the student’s desk at the same time and day each week which updates the parent(s) about which of these actions have been taken, and which actions are going to be taken the next week to keep things moving along.

“My checklist system seems rigorous, but it’s actually insanely simple,” says Green. “Using checklists might make you seem like a German train engineer, but German train engineers always get the trains in on time. It’s easy to forget steps and essential actions if you don’t have a SYSTEM in place which keeps them at the front of your consciousness. Checklists are a simple, reliable way to adhere to a system. When kids simply have to fill out their checklists, they give their parents an easy, flawless way to monitor their work without ever having to bother them. But that’s not even the best part. The best part is that students who use this checklist system end up with higher scores, since by updating their parents, they’re keeping THEMSELVES accountable as well. It’s easy, and, most importantly, it works.”

Parents and students interested in learning more about the Test Prep Checklist and downloading their own free copies of the Checklist System can do so here:


According to Green, students and parents using the checklist system have been giving it rave reviews and attaining much better test scores. “Put this system into place and see what happens – no one has given me anything but positive reviews thus far. It makes the whole process easier, and it keeps kids studying the way that they should be.”

Test Prep Authority is a free resource center for ACT and SAT practice, planning guides, articles, how-to videos, and more. Subscribers who join Green’s free Test Prep Method Membership are delivered twice-weekly emails with free action steps, software downloads, articles, and more to help them manage the test prep process and get the best scores possible. They can find the site here:


Anthony-James Green, the founder of Test Prep Authority, is the author of multiple books and products on the subject of test prep, including Own the SAT, The Perfect 12 Manual for the SAT Essay, How to Take a Standardized Test, and Every College Question Answered. Parents interested in booking him as their personal tutor can do so here:


Green currently lives in Manhattan, where he works full time on Test Prep Authority when not tutoring his personal clients.


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