Memory Training Software, Ultimate Memory™, Announces Science Behind Memory Games

June 24, 2012

While the ten built-in games are fun and addictive, the makers of Ultimate Memory today released details of the science that leads to their drastic memory improvement.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) June 24, 2012

Ultimate Memory is used around the world as a leading memory improvement software package. Today, the company behind the software released details as to why their ten built-in games can so drastically improve each user´s memory.

“Scientists now know that the brain is not fixed. It can be exercised just like a muscle — causing it to grow new cells and improve its functioning” says Marc Slater, Managing Director of the company behind Ultimate Memory.

He continues, “When people become good at something, the part of their brain that deal with that skill physically grows. Just like taxi drivers are known to have a larger Hippocampus than bus drivers.”

As the memory is exercised, the brain begins to positively develop. Often, a dramatic boost in memory is the result, even if no fancy mnemonic techniques have been used.

“Our users are reporting excellent results, whatever their age, sex, level of cognitive ability or background,” Slater adds.

The Ultimate Memory software was designed to build the brain in a number of areas such as language recall, memory for abstract patterns, sense of direction, special memory, facial memory and memory for names.

Each of the software´s ten games places a focus on a different core aspect of memory development. When each of these ten core focus areas are combined — the results can be extremely powerful.

The number of people using Ultimate Memory certainly proves this point. The software is currently being utilized by thousands of people in both educational, home and employment settings.

With the South Pacific, Europe and North America providing the biggest growth, Slater is delighted to see that people are taking such a keen interest in improving their memory.

“A good memory is vital to a successful life, and we are thrilled each and every time someone sends us an email to tell us of the improvements they have noticed after using Ultimate Memory” he concludes.

For more information about the Ultimate Memory system, click here.

About Ultimate Memory

Ultimate Memory is the market´s leading memory improvement software package.

Using scientific principles to improve memory with as little as ten minute´s user per day, Ultimate Memory is also backed by an iron-clad guarantee.

Containing many innovative strategies, tutorials, tips and exercises, users benefit from a myriad of varied ways to learn.

More information can be found at: http://www.ultimatememory.com/

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