Vocabulary Builder, Ultimate Vocabulary™, Announces 18 Scientifically-Designed Vocabulary Improvement Games

June 24, 2012

As part of the vocabulary improvement software´s 2012 upgrade, 18 scientifically-designed games are announced by Ultimate Vocabulary.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) June 23, 2012

As part of the Ultimate Vocabulary 2012 upgrade, eighteen fun and exciting games have been added to the platform´s already impressive list of features.

Marc Slater is Managing Director of the company behind the software, and explains the benefits the games will bring.

“Ultimate Vocabulary 2012 is the market´s only vocabulary program which uses scientifically-designed games and activities. The advantage is that, while the user is playing highly-addictive games, they are mastering each word list automatically,” he says.

The aim is for users to consciously notice a huge improvement in their understanding of vocabulary after around a week; following just a few minutes of usage each day.

“The games are literally a breakthrough in vocabulary improvement technology. Now it is easier than ever to master the English language extremely quickly, while having a lot of fun in the process,” Slater adds.

Players are able to customize their own lists, allowing them to learn only the words they wish to improve. By ensuring that users do not try to learn what they already know, the speed of vocabulary improvement is further accelerated.

While the games are addictive and fun, they are based on sound scientific principles. In fact, each game focuses on a different core aspect of vocabulary. While improving any of these core aspects alone is helpful, combining them within one program is a powerful way to make a drastic difference to both children and adults alike.

“Whatever age the user is, they will see a huge improvement after using Ultimate Vocabulary 2012 for a short period of time. Our users constantly tell us how much fun they are having, while also reporting impressive results,” Slater concludes.

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About Ultimate Vocabulary

Ultimate Vocabulary provides a proven and powerful platform, built to improve anyone´s vocabulary.

The interactive self-improvement system provides more learning tools than any other program on the market, as well as more information on words.

The Ultimate Vocabulary software provides each and every user with a personal computer tutor. Providing a step-by-step guide to learning a powerful vocabulary, Ultimate Vocabulary is the learning tool everyone can benefit from.

Of course, the software is also backed by eReflect´s iron-clad money back guarantee.

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