Gay Zodiac Mystery Solved By Gay Matchmaker And Gay Life Coach For Gay Men Over 40. Two Gay Men Of Same Zodiac Sign Unlikely To Stay Together.

December 25, 2012

Gay Matchmaker Reveals The Secrets To Zodiac Sign Compatibility And Offers A New Way To Discover Why Two Gay Men Of Same Zodiac Sign Are Unlikely To Stay Together For Long.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

“Personality testing offers the golden standard for gay relationship compatibility analysis, but if you only have 5 minutes, zodiac sign compatibility will do the job.” says Angelo MHA, MBA, gay matchmaker and gay life coach from Miami.

Angelo’s website: http://www.PaulAngelo.com, offers gay matchmaking and gay life coaching services exclusively for gay men over 40.

According to Angelo, zodiac sign compatibility makes sense.

“It is known that over hundreds of thousands of years, survival instinct has shaped the personality traits of every person. To survive, babies born in the winter had to be stronger/different than babies born in the summer. Pregnant women wanting to survive the winter had to endure a lot more stress and anxiety than the pregnant women during the summer. The stress carried through to the fetus and the personality difference was established. This is why people born in the summer months are psychologically different than people born in winter months. Add to that the law of opposites, which states that opposites attract, it is clear now why a person born in July will be compatible with a person born in January,” says Angelo.

Example of high zodiac-sign compatibility are Leo (July) and Aquarius (January). These two gay men will have a better chance of creating a long term relationship. However, poor communication, lack of gay specific relationship knowledge and poor critical-thinking skills can turn a highly compatible gay couple into enemies.

According to Angelo, zodiac sign compatibility is based on primal personality traits sometimes called “primal instinct”. Moreover, humans have evolved beyond primal responses and today, in modern society, compatibility for romantic relationships can also include acquired traits. Example can be good communication skills. Good communication skills can make two gay men happy in a relationship despite the lack of astrological compatibility.

Angelo recommends that every gay man take a personality test, preferably MBTI to compliment the zodiac sign method for choosing the perfect partner. “A client should not make the mistake of assuming that every person he is attracted to will be a good match for a long term relationship. Most gay relationships fail due to poor compatibility. To avoid that, clients first learn about who they are and then about who they want. There are no shortcuts.” says Angelo.

Angelo’s clients go through three months of analysis and introspection to figure out how to meet a lifetime partner. To learn more, readers are invited to click on Angelo’s website at http://www.PaulAngelo.com and to register for a free webinar.

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