Allowing Children to Choose What They Read In Classrooms Is a Key to Raising Better Readers, 7 Speed Reading Developers Reveal

March 31, 2013

Developers at software company eReflect, creators of the 7 Speed Reading program, announce that experts are learning that allowing students to select their own reading materials greatly enhances their ability to learn to read.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) April 01, 2013

Software company eReflect, creators of the 7 Speed Reading learning software, reveal that one of the key elements of a successful reading program is the ability for children to select their own reading material. In a recent statement, the development team at 7 Speed Reading commented on an article in Educational Leadership titled “Every Child, Every Day” which outlines elements of reading instruction that will benefit not only children, but also adults who wish to learn to speed read. The article maintains that children who are allowed to select at least some of the books and stories they read in school are more motivated to read and more able to find materials at their reading level. With motivation and appropriate materials, they will be well on their way to becoming successful readers.

As eReflect’s developers note, the first reason to allow children to choose their own reading material is increased motivation. The same applies to adult learners. A study cited in the article shows that two of the best ideas for improving motivation in reading are personal choice of materials and availability of materials. One of the keys of the 7 Speed Reading program is its extensive library of over six hundred books as well as the ability to connect to the internet and use Wikipedia and thousands of other “wiki” sites to enable the learner to find materials that are of interest to them, an option that will increase the motivation factor.

Another reason to allow choice of materials is that children and adults are more likely to find books that are at their skill level if they choose them. The 7 Speed Reading program includes information on reading level to assist people who want to learn to speed read in finding materials that are appropriate for their current reading levels. This helps the student to progress at an accelerated rate and retain what they learn.

By allowing children to select their own text, and helping them find reading-level-appropriate materials, instructors foster a love for reading that will carry over into the child´s extracurricular life. “Every Child, Every Day” shows that students who develop the ability to choose the right texts for themselves have gained a skill that will radically increase their chances of reading outside of school. The 7 Speed Reading program provides a robust selection to help reading learners of all ages to find appropriate and interesting texts and enable them to learn to read for life.

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