7 Speed Reading™ Software Deserves First Place, Boffin Announces

May 7, 2013

Software review website Boffin revealed today that the speed reading improvement software by eReflect company, 7 Speed Reading, fully deserves to be on the top of the 2013 Boffin top software list.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

7 Speed Reading has been awarded the first-place ranking in a recent evaluation of speed reading programs by software reviewing website, Boffin. The SoftwareReviewBoffin.com website revealed today that the software deserves to be the top speed reading software for 2013 in view of its efficiency and unmatched success rate for users. In this review, the Boffin team highlighted the fact that 7 Speed Reading is result-oriented and delivers quickly.

According to the Boffin review team, 7 Speed Reading has obviously been designed by experts who have managed to incorporate into a single software package all tools and features necessary for boosting the user´s speed reading performance. The reviewers of 7 Speed Reading have also examined various other software products in this category, and concluded that no other speed reading software possesses the quality, efficiency, and reliability that 7 Speed Reading does. The reviews of speed reading software carried out by the Boffin reviewers focused on the way that 7 Speed Reading, unlike the other software they evaluated, boosts the user´s reading skills in a very short time. Boffin stated that this unique characteristic of the software easily promoted it to the top placing.

The reviewers mentioned how their interaction with 7 Speed Reading made them realize the skillful way it has been designed by professionals and that the latest reading methodologies are implemented artfully into it. The reviewers also were quick to explain, however, that this level of expertise, while obvious, does not interfere with the use of the lessons and the practice material. The interface and overall feel of the software still remains user-friendly and accessible to all ages.

The Boffin reviewers revealed that 7 Speed Reading is fully deserving the award of the No. 1 place as the top speed reading software for 2013, given its cutting-edge features and unparalleled efficiency. Lastly, the Boffin review clarified that though the team is in full agreement of the current ranking of the software tested, the reviews are subject to change, and that all evaluated software products are frequently reassessed to ensure that each software review is kept current for the benefit of Boffin’s readers. Despite the superiority of 7 Speed Reading over the other software products evaluated, the Boffin reviewers stressed that in many respects the top 3 software products were often quite close in their individual category ratings.

Software Review Boffin reviews the latest technological products in demand on the market right now. They provide expert, honest and straightforward reviews so customers can objectively measure if a product, especially software is well worth it before making their purchase.

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