The Perfect Media Burning Gadget, Power2Go 8, Ranked No.1 by Boffin Review

May 11, 2013

Software review website Boffin announced its 2013 top 5 DVD burning software rankings, with Power2Go 8 being a clear winner. The review team named Power2Go 8 the most efficient and complete media burning software currently on the market.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 12, 2013

The Boffin software review website has announced a new set of reviews of DVD burning software. The competition has been fierce and the each of the software solutions offer advanced features. However, according to the Boffin review team, Power2Go 8 software secured the No. 1 place, thanks to its comprehensive list of tools and solutions. Not only does Power2Go have all the features the other DVD burning software products have, it also includes some exclusive, cutting edge ones, like the system recovery data tool that allows users to take preemptive measures to save valuable data from system crashes.

The Boffin reviewers thoroughly discussed the software’s top features in their review, stating that Power2Go is a one of a kind DVD burning software, with solutions no other software is able to offer to date. The Boffin reviewers concluded that Power2Go 8 is an all-in-one software users can use to create professional-looking DVDs. For instance, Power2Go 8 allows users to create data recovery discs, develop personal, HD interactive galleries of videos and pictures, and also create music CD compilations of their favorite artists. As the Boffin reviewers make evident, one of its most noteworthy features has to be its 256-bit disc encryption, an admittedly advanced encryption level.

The Boffin reviewers closely evaluated the software´s features and unanimously concluded that it should be named the top DVD burning software for 2013. Some qualities the Boffin site has highlighted with Power2Go 8 are how convenient, easy-to-use, professional, and efficient it is. Additionally, the Boffin reviewers emphasized how straightforward the burning process is with Power2Go 8. Thanks to its logical interface and streamlined features, media burning becomes an easy task, no matter the user´s prior knowledge of media burning software.

The Boffin review clarified that the reviews listed on the website are subject to reassessment and that as new versions and upgrades of the already evaluated software are released, new reviews will be presented. The Boffin reviewers also emphasized that the actual differences between the top three DVD burning software were generally rather inconsequential, and that the final rankings were determined by minuscule differences in qualities and overall performance.

Software Review Boffin reviews the latest technological products in demand on the market right now. They provide expert, honest and straightforward reviews so customers can objectively measure if a product, especially software is well worth it before making their purchase.

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