Teachers Embrace Technology to Encourage Summer Reading

May 15, 2013

Clever reading teachers around the world are encouraging their students to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime literary event happening on Facebook. For the first time ever, an entire fiction series is unfolding live online, and Winky Studmire is inviting readers to help shape the action before the books are even published.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

Clever reading teachers around the world are encouraging their students to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime literary event happening on Facebook.

To promote summer reading there are two schools of thought. Some teachers cajole students to put away their cell phones and then pass out recommended reading lists. These lists invariably end up in the trash.

Other, more enlightened, teachers — like those at Don Eichorn award-winning Seneca Valley Middle School, in Harmony, PA — are embracing technology and directing their students to http://www.facebook.com/winkystudmire to participate in the most spell-binding literary event since Harry Potter.

“The Winky Studmire live blogging event is a phenomenal idea. Kids are eagerly awaiting each new installment and devouring news from Winky.” –Susan Ennis, School Librarian, Seneca Valley Middle School

Winky Studmire is the first children´s fiction series ever to share its illustrations with readers before it is published. The main character is posting real photos, videos, and comments on his Facebook page as the plot of each book unfolds in real-time from now through November 2013.

This unprecedented book event is possible only because author G.T. Wiley invested the past thirty years writing the Winky Studmire series, refining its page-turning stories, the fictional town of Mystic Bay, and its quirky characters.

Winky´s live-blog of his adventures is groundbreaking because it means readers no longer have to be passive; this historic literary event is enabling them to become active participants in the storytelling process. Fans get to start their own conversations with the books´ main characters, and they can share their instant reactions to each new post and photo illustration.

And, unlike other children´s book series, fans won´t have to wait for years between installments. The first seven books are already written and will be released one-per-month from May through November 2013.

Fans who begin following the series now on Facebook get to inhabit Winky´s world with him in real time. They get to see what the weather is like where Winky is; they get to see what Winky sees when he sees it; and they get to read his present sense impressions of the unfolding plot.

More importantly, early adopters get to comment on the photos and posts that will serve as the illustrations for the published novels. Instead of the cartoon drawings typical of other books for kids, Winky posts stunning real photographs and videos that take on a life of their own as the live audience reacts, occasionally prompting comments from Winky and his sidekick, Slick Parker. Kids who join the conversation during the live-blogging event get to share their own thoughts and theories with future readers, helping to shape the entire series with their comments.

Tech-savvy educators realize that introducing their students to such an empowering interactive experience is a sure way to keep them reading all summer long and into the next school year. Teachers are handing out fliers, posters, and bookmarks that point to Winky´s Facebook page to make sure their kids partake in this once-in-a-lifetime event. They are also showing a video announcement (available on YouTube and from Byrne Publishing) featuring Winky’s Facebook antics, hoping to encourage students to get involved with the plot while it is still unfolding.

Plus, readers who work themselves into the story, by posting interesting comments and getting Winky to respond, have an excellent chance of ending up in the inevitable Hollywood adaptation of the books. Who knows? One of Winky´s fans could end up playing the part of Winky himself. Winky, as you´ll see when you visit the site, is already very busy.

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