Summer Activities for Teens to Prepare for College, from College Majors Resource Career Key

May 21, 2013

College-bound teens can begin preparing for college with just a few summer activities. Career Key recommends learning about interests and how to choose college majors for a jump start on college success.

Portland, Oregon (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

College-bound teens can begin preparing for college with just a few summer activities. Learning about interests and what to look for in choosing college majors can give students a confidence boost and jump start their college success. Career assessment and college majors resource Career Key, http://www.careerkey.org, recommends two groups of activities that are fun and meaningful.

Many college-bound teens are ready to enjoy their last carefree summer with high school friends. But with only a few hours this summer, students can be much better prepared for choosing college classes, professors, group activities, and later — college majors and careers.

Career Key´s summer activities center around Holland´s Theory of Career Choice, the most widely used, studied, and respected career theory by professional counselors. Career Key recommends that students:

1. Pick at least two or three self-exploration activities from Career Key´s, “Learn About Yourself.” Doing them with a friend will make it more fun and revealing.

At a minimum, students should take a valid career test like the Career Key to find their strongest Holland personality types and jobs that interest them. Knowing their personality and interests will give students greater confidence and direction this fall.

2. Learn about Personality-Major Match and make a list of possible matching majors. It´s not too early! Students can use their college´s website to find all the majors they offer. Research shows success in college depends on how closely students´ strongest Holland personality types match the college major they choose.

Related articles like “Holland College Major Environments” explain how faculty and students create an academic environment through their teaching styles, expectations, and interests. Choosing a compatible college major environment is critical.

To help students and parents learn about college majors, Career Key offers more summer reading:

a. A free e-book on “Choosing a College Major” explains why making a close personality-major match impacts college success;

b. Web articles like “How to Choose a Major,” “Liberal Arts Majors,” and how to make “High-Quality Decisions;” and

c. “Match Up! Your Personality to College Majors,” a PDF eBook with all 1,400 college majors and training programs in the U.S. and Canada. It is organized so students can match their personality types to majors and get information about those that interest them.

After learning science-based methods for narrowing career and major choices, students will be more likely to make better decisions — ones they won´t regret later.

About the Career Key

Since 1997, Career Key has been the #1 Internet source for helping people choose careers and college majors. Advertising and registration-free, it offers valid career tests and career and education advice articles based on the best practices and science in the field. Career Key´s author is nationally recognized counseling psychologist, Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC.

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