Plano Air Conditioning Repair Contractor Explains Why Lowering Humidity Can Lower Energy Consumption and Keep Occupants More Comfortable

June 25, 2013

First Call HVAC is a top rated air conditioning repair contractor in the Plano, TX area. Their extensive experience has led them to recommend whole house dehumidifiers as a means of keeping occupants more comfortable and lowering the health risks posed by high humidity levels.

Plano, TX (PRWEB) June 25, 2013

The moisture that the air contains is called humidity, and it fluctuates throughout the year. Humidity levels in your home and outside depend on the place you live in and the season. The Plano, TX area is one of those places that experiences high humidity levels, especially in the summer. Humidity is dependent on active precipitation.

Deal with humidity by having your Plano's First Call HVAC contractor http://planotx-airconditioning.com/ install a dehumidifier. Lower humidity levels makes occupants feel cooler, reducing air conditioning needs. Here are a few things that you should know about humidity and how to control it:

Why Lower Humidity – If there is excessive humidity or moisture in a home or office, it can cause a lot of problems. Most of these issues are also detrimental to the health of its occupants. Humidity creates a moldy odor throughout the building, which makes it difficult to breathe and can cause allergies as well.

Also, it is unpleasant and bad for hygiene. Apart from that, it leads to dampness on surfaces and floors, causes ugly stains on your walls, peels off the paint and also causes condensation on your windows.

However, the most important reason for lowering humidity is for the sake of the occupants’ health. Humidity in the air is a carrier of many pathogens and diseases, which can cause discomfort. Humidity can also hurt financially by harming important documents, wallpaper and paint, paintings and damaging structures with time.

Lower Humidity With A Whole House Dehumidifier – The best tip to deal with humidity is to have your Plano HVAC contractor install a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier works by lowering humidity levels in your house to the acceptable and requisite level.

To choose the right dehumidifier, have a professional make an assessment of the space in the structure. It is usually prudent to get a whole house dehumidifier for large houses. It is installed in the central air conditioning system.

The dehumidifier will be connected to the cooling or heating systems used in the house. The benefit of a whole house dehumidifier, which deals with humidity in all the rooms together, is that the vents can be made to act as mini dehumidifiers.

It is estimated that the amount of humidity removed and reduced by a whole house dehumidifier is 10 gallons. A simple portable dehumidifier would work at 1/3rd of its efficiency. Also, another advantage is the cleaning up of the system and the water. It is all dealt by the installation team, and the homeowner is saved from the additional work and hassles.

The best brands to get a good dehumidifier are Amana, Carrier, Honeywell, and Trane. Their dehumidifiers work well and leave your home comfortable and cozy.

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