The First Memory Improvement Strategy In Ultimate Memory 2013 Is All About Fun And Games, eReflect Announces

July 6, 2013

Other memory improvement software products generally focus too much on practicing, but eReflect's developers decided to concentrate on memory-boosting techniques through fun activities. In a statement today, eReflect, developer of Ultimate Memory™, explained the reason for this approach.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 07, 2013

Ultimate Memory™ developer company eReflect revealed today that the No. 1 strategy used in Ultimate Memory™ for memory boosting is the range of engaging games and fun activities the program is enriched with. This strategy of appealing to users to encourage them to improve their memory through engaging and fun games is one of the most efficient memory improvement methods the software relies on, its developers announced.

According to the official website for Ultimate Memory™ the games included in Ultimate Memory™ are not random, or just for fun. Instead, they are scientifically designed and based on learning principles that promote memory improvement. In today's statement, eReflect emphasized that improving memory can be a frustrating and cumbersome task if only rote exercises and repetition are used. By including games and activities that efficiently improve memory, the software helps the user work on memory enhancement in an easy, fun, relaxed context. With ten different and versatile fun games, Ultimate Memory™ focuses on different memory aspects including spatial awareness, numeric recall, name-face memorization, and visual memory, among others. Each game focuses on one specific aspect of memory, which ensures that the learner has ample time and opportunity to improve that memory aspect through a series of game sessions.

According to eReflect, the decision and ultimate implementation of games in Ultimate Memory™’s structure was due to the scientific principle of neuroplasticity, which in plain terms means exercising the brains just like other body muscle. When brain neuroplasticity improves through exercise, then memory areas of the brain become fitter, more agile, and efficient, which then translates into better memory, the developers of explained.

Ultimate Memory™ focuses on providing high quality games that are easy and fun, but most importantly are also efficient in improving memory. With the fact that memory for each individual is not preset or unchangeable, due to neuroplasticity, these fun games and activities work towards awakening dormant aspects of the brain and memory, which through practice become efficient once again. eReflect concluded today's statement by urging people who wish to improve their memory to try to do so through memory games. These games will work as long as they’re designed and developed by experts.

For more information on how Ultimate Memory software can help, please visit http://www.ultimatememory.com.

About Ultimate Memory™

Ultimate Memory™ is the market’s leading memory improvement software package.

Scientifically proven to improve memory with as little as ten minute’s user per day, Ultimate Memory™ is also backed by an iron-clad guarantee.

Containing many innovative strategies, tutorials, tips and exercises, users benefit from a myriad of varied ways to learn.

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