Ultimate Typing Supports Learning Typing In Other Languages, eReflect Reveals

July 18, 2013

The expert development team at eReflect is proud of the fact that they designed into their most recent product, Ultimate Typing, the ability to support multiple languages. This distinctive feature has allowed the typing software to be accepted by customers across the world.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 19, 2013

In a recent talk with the eReflect development team, it was revealed that Ultimate Typing software, their latest product, supports multiple languages and therefore can cater to the needs of users whose native language is not English. The software offers an advanced text management feature that enables users to download text from anywhere and in any language. This text is then incorporated into the exercises so that the user’s interest is maintained and they work with text that meets their individual needs, in their own language.

The eReflect team further highlighted that Ultimate Typing is able to support virtually all languages that can be read from top-to-bottom and from left-to-right. The developers of Ultimate Typing software confirmed that although the software instructions, exercise guidelines, and menus are presented in English, users can incorporate text in their preferred language into the practice typing exercises. The Wiki-Connect technology offered by the software allows users to import text and other documents from the internet with relative ease and this data can then be used by users to hone their typing skills.

Unlike other typing tutor software products that primarily offer lessons in English, Ultimate Typing aims to go far beyond the conventional techniques. As the developers explained, they decided to provide the ability to create practice lessons in the user's preferred language. The eReflect team believes that this feature allows users to overcome the language barrier and focus instead on enhancing the speed and accuracy of their typing, which is their ultimate goal.

eReflect is a global company and markets its products in 112 countries across the world. Being a global leader means that the organization needs to cater to different market segments and accommodate their various requirements. As the eReflect team noted, the global presence of the company has led the experts to design typing software that supports multiple languages.

Ultimate Typing allows learning typing in multiple languages. As the developers intended, the typing software is indeed a compact package for users across the globe that want to enhance their typing skills.

For more details on Ultimate Typing™ please visit http://www.ultimatetyping.com/.

About Ultimate Typing™

Ultimate Typing™ software is designed specifically for the improvement of typing skills. Created by eReflect, a world leader in e-learning and self-development software, Ultimate Typing™ has been informed by the latest developments in the science of touch typing.

Since its creation in 2006 by Marc Slater, the company has already catered to over 112 countries all over the world, offering products with the latest cutting-edge technology, some of which are among the world’s most recognized and awarded in the industry.

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