Ultimate Memory Software 2013 Targets All Core Memory Skills, eReflect Reports

July 19, 2013

eReflect software company stated today that memory improvement software Ultimate Memory™ aims at strengthening all memory skills in a balanced and efficient manner. This is possible through its practice exercise specialization, where each exercise focuses on particular memory aspects.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 20, 2013

In response to comments and questions recently submitted to their help desk, software company eReflect issued a statement today clarifying the methods used in its memory improvement software, Ultimate Memory™, to empower and enhance all core memory skills. Several people who contacted the company stated that they were concerned that the software would not help them with their particular memory issue, as other software products often focus on one aspect of memory alone, or simply state in vague terms that they will help “improve memory.” As the company representative explained in today's statement, the underlying structure of Ultimate Memory™ has been purposefully created to aid memory skill specialization in all areas of memory improvement. Each practice drill, exercise, and game is designed to promote the strengthening of particular memory skills, including spatial, visual, face recall, numeric recall, pattern recognition, and more. The company explained that targeting each memory skill in isolation ensures the efficiency of memory practicing for the learner. However, all aspects of memory are covered in the software's extensive exercises. Rather than looking at how to improve memory as an abstract concept, Ultimate Memory™ breaks ground in focusing on one memory skill at a time, something that has been consistently proven to be an effective approach to memory improvement, eReflect asserted.

The company continued today's statement saying that when improving memory it's important to remember that memory is actually the sum of its parts. Memory is not a vague concept, but rather the interconnected workings of the brain that has different “departments” that target particular memory skills; for example, one memory department only targets face recognition, while another is proficient in directional memory. This is a key fact that the Ultimate Memory™ developers knew and implemented when creating the software, the company representative revealed today.

Ultimate Memory™ has been developed by memory professionals and so every practice exercise is purposeful and progress-boosting. eReflect explained how Ultimate Memory™ views the brain as a body muscle that needs targeted exercising to keep fit and healthy. With this approach, Ultimate Memory™ helps in improving memory, shielding it from memory-related degenerative conditions and postponing brain aging. A fit brain and an agile memory can contribute significantly to a person’s overall health. As the eReflect representative emphasized in today's statement, people need to address the memory deterioration issue early in life, and it's clear that many modern lifestyles allow people to let their memories get out of shape. Ultimate Memory™ was designed to solve this problem, concluded the representative.

For more information on how Ultimate Memory software can help, please visit http://www.ultimatememory.com.

About Ultimate Memory™

Ultimate Memory™ is the market’s leading memory improvement software package.

Scientifically proven to improve memory with as little as ten minute’s user per day, Ultimate Memory™ is also backed by an iron-clad guarantee.

Containing many innovative strategies, tutorials, tips and exercises, users benefit from a myriad of varied ways to learn.

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