Ultimate Typing Software’s Sophistication Does Not Prevent It from Being User-Friendly, eReflect Company Announces

July 21, 2013

eReflect announced today that despite the sophistication of Ultimate Typing™, the software still keeps its user friendliness and simple-to-use interface.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

Ultimate Typing™ has been designed by experts at noted e-learning company eReflect, and features the latest technologies and methods for optimized touch typing learning, the company said today. Despite the unprecedented level of sophistication of the software, says the company representative, it still manages to retain its user-friendly character and be appealing to typists of all ages and skills. The developers and designers of Ultimate Typing™ at eReflect used today's statement to reveal the history of the software, stating that there has been a lot of effort and expertise invested in creating Ultimate Typing™. From research and typing methodology to ergonomics and typing efficiency, many parameters have been taken into consideration when designing the software. Its developers also noted that the high sophistication level of the exercises, lessons, and games is not something that happened randomly. As the company's statement today clarifies, the designers developed each exercise and feature of the software according to the latest guidelines in typing efficiency.

Because there have been questions from users who fear that the sophisticated interface means the system is not easy to use, eReflect has released today's statement to explain that despite the advanced and unique features of the software, the developers went to great lengths to maintain a user-friendly interface. They concentrated on providing a simple, logical sequence of lessons, and their goal was ultimately to retain an engaging and interesting character that would appeal to users of all ages.

As proof of their success in this effort, say the eReflect developers, users only need to look at the experience of others. For example, in a recent review by couponers.com, Tracy Tucker provides a user review based on her experience with Ultimate Typing™. The reviewer’s interaction with the typing software confirms that it is suitable to all typing learners, from beginners to advanced typists. According to Ms. Tucker’s review, Ultimate Typing™ is intuitive and adjustable by design, lending itself to all sorts of typing levels, needs and requirements. In more detail the reviewer explains how Ultimate Typing™ is easy and accessible enough for first-time typists yet it can be challenging enough for those wishing to attain a more advanced typing performance.

In today's announcement, eReflect and the developers that designed the software went on to confirm the claims made by the reviewer, explaining how this adjustability of the software was one of the designers’ goals. Today's statement concludes with an announcement by the development team that they are happy to see that this goal has been wholly achieved.

For more details on Ultimate Typing™ please visit http://www.ultimatetyping.com/.

About Ultimate Typing™

Ultimate Typing™ software is designed specifically for the improvement of typing skills. Created by eReflect, a world leader in e-learning and self-development software, Ultimate Typing™ has been informed by the latest developments in the science of touch typing.

Since its creation in 2006 by Marc Slater, the company has already catered to over 112 countries all over the world, offering products with the latest cutting-edge technology, some of which are among the world’s most recognized and awarded in the industry.

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