Open Source Typing Software List Rolled Out By SoftwareReviewBoffin.Com

July 27, 2013

Boffin announces its editors’ picks of free typing software. Quality, reliability and efficiency were the criteria the software were assessed for.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) July 28, 2013

Boffin software reviewers announced today their top picks of free typing software, publishing a list of nine open source typing programs that offer quality typing training to users. Typing skills are a central skill for one’s professional and personal life alike. Typing on smartphones and tablet touch-screens, typing reports and other content is a daily occurrence for millions of people and without efficient typing skills, many hours can be wasted on touch typing.

The Boffin team of editors carefully evaluated various typing software in the market today and compiled a list of competent, user-friendly and results-driven typing software for users who want typing efficiency but don’t want to spend any money.

One of the open source typing software recommended by the Boffin editors is KeyBlaze developed by the reputed NCH company. According to Boffin editors, KeyBlaze includes a wide range of typing activities essential for honing one’s typing skills. The software is compatible with PC and MAC and its best feature is for Boffin, the ability to import user-selected text for the typing drills.

TypeFaster is another typing software featured in Boffin’s list. The software teaches keyboarding in 15 different languages and it allows for more than one user to train with it. As the Boffin reviewers emphasized, it’s an ideal solution for typing classes at schools.

TIPP 10 is also in Boffin’s top picks of typing software, a great choice for those wanting to improve their typing speed and accuracy through a web-based application. Error feedback and recommendation is the software’s highlight. The software clearly instructs the user how to properly place their fingers on the keyboard to ensure fast and accurate typing learning. It’s advanced customizability is another aspect of the software highlighted and praise by Boffin.

The Boffin list also features RapidTyping, an efficient ‘beginner typist’ program which gradually introduces the learner in the concept of keyboarding and the touch typing technique. The user-experience is enhanced with images, statistics, and colorful animations to ensure the learner is efficiently learning while enjoying a pleasant interface.

GNU Typist, an anticipated entry into Boffin’s list, helps learners improve their typing speed and accuracy not just on the conventional QWERTY keyboard but also on the Dvorak and ColeMak keyboards too. Apart from its multi-keyboard layout support, it also allows for typing improvement in other languages than English, including Russian, Spanish and French.

The exhaustive, handpicked list by the Boffin team of editors also includes Kiran’s Typing Tutor 1.0, Kid’s Typing Typing Skills and Klavaro Touch typing tutor. The latter supports 23 language in addition to English as well as allowing users to create their own typing lessons.

Boffin issued a disclosure noting that the reviewed software featured in the said list are subject to reevaluation. It was in fact mentioned that the Boffin reviewers regularly review their software to ensure these are relevant, accurate and up to date with the latest software releases.

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