7SpeedReading.com And Don Osborne Show The Easy Route To Graduate School Admission

January 21, 2014

Don Osborne reveals his tips on how to get into graduate school the smart and effortless way. Networking is not enough, he reports.

New York City, NY (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

7 Speed Reading™ readers can now learn about Don Osborne’s tips on easily getting into graduate school. In a recent interview with the eReflect 7 Speed Reading™ blog editor, Osborne shared advice and techniques for a frustration-free graduate school admission process. As a medical school admissions expert, Osborne knows all about what a person really needs to get into the school of their choice.

A surprising truth Don Osborne reveals is that networking doesn’t help much in getting people into the graduate school they want. As he confirms, most schools work on a first-come, first-served basis, so even if someone has a low GPA they still have more chances of getting accepted than a person submitting their application late, even if that person has an extensive network of contacts.

Visitors to the 7 Speed Reading™ blog get the chance to also learn that Osborne, like other medical admissions consultants, offers valuable knowledge to students who wish to continue their education with a graduate degree in medicine or law. The interview reveals that unlike what most students believe, getting into college is not necessarily hard. With the right tools and guidelines, people can significantly increase their chances of getting into their first-choice graduate school. Getting into an MBA or a law school program doesn’t depend much on GPA and other exam scores, but instead draws heavily on a person’s hands-on experience in relevant jobs. Practical knowledge and experience are more important when assessing eligibility for a course, Osborne insists. It's a piece advice that could be used by many students who don’t regard work experience to be as central an element of success as credentials.

Another advice Don Osborne shares with the readers at the 7 Speed Reading™ website is that there’s a misconception that students preparing for their MCAT (Medical Admission College Test) need to invest thousands of dollars to adequately prepare for the test. However, Osborne reassures those prospective students that there are plenty of cost-effective alternatives to explore that will help them adequately prepare for the MCATs and get into the school of their choice — without having to go into debt simply for the application. eReflect affirms that Don Osborne’s tips can make getting into college a less frustrating process.

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