Bed Bugs Shut Down Summit County Welfare Office, My Cleaning Products Recommends a Bed Bug Spray to Help Residents Protect Their Homes From Critters

April 10, 2014

Bed bugs were spotted at a Summit County welfare office, said a report. And so, to help the residents protect their houses from their widespread, My Cleaning Products recommended a bed bug spray that is pesticide-exempt.

Akron, OH (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Because of bed bugs, a welfare building in Summit County in Ohio was closed down. A post from ohio.com relayed the news on April 08, 2014. In response to it, My Cleaning Products recommended a bed bug spray to help the residents protect their houses from the possible spread and infestation of the vampire-like pests.

Based on the report, the critters were particularly found at the Sojourner Truth Building. However, it added that the county's Job and Family Services Director, Patricia Divoky, denied that the office was infested.

In the report, Divoky clarified that only two bed bugs were found at the building. She detailed that they were seen at the waiting area of the office with the alive bed bud seen crawling on the wall. The dead one, she further relayed, was spotted shortly after.

Following the discovery of the crawlies, the post related that the welfare building was shut down at 12:30 pm. As it stated, the closure was for the spray treatment to eliminate them.

Below is an excerpt from the post Bed Bugs Found in Summit County Welfare Building by My Cleaning Products.

“Bed bugs found a way into one of Summit County's welfare building. And as a result, the office was shut down to give way to the spray treatment.

The pesky insects were discovered on Tuesday. They were seen specifically at the waiting area of the Sojourner Truth Building located at 37 N. High Street. Following that, the county issued a release and the office was closed around 12:30 pm.”

With the prevalence of bed bugs, such a news of them spotted in an office is not surprising anymore, said My Cleaning Products. However, it stressed that it is still troubling and must be taken as a warning. As it cited, that's because it means those critters continue to spread wider and anyone could be their next victim.

But despite their prevalence and the fact that they are sneaky, the infestation of those critters could still be prevented, said MCP. To do it, it stated that one would need the help of a prepared bed bug spray. The ready product, it explained, would enable to kill bed bugs promptly and stop them from causing worse problems.

Nonetheless, of all the bed bug sprays, My Cleaning Products said that Bed Bug Bully makes the best pick. And as it pointed out, that's because it is effective as well as safe.

The company elaborated that numerous hospitals, hotels and even pest-control companies have already proven that it works. And it's not just adult bed bugs that they could eliminate fast. It detailed that it could kill even the pests' young and eggs.

Unlike the majority of the pest-control products, MCP also cited that Bed Bug Bully is organic-based, hence, it is safe. It shared that it is even on EPA's FIFRA 25(b) list as a pesticide-exempt.

To experience its benefits, the company invites everyone to try the Bed Bug Bully Complimentary Sample. It shared that it is available at mycleaningproducts.com.

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