NoBullying Releases Today the Complete Guide to The Bullying Husband

April 18, 2014

NoBullying releases today the Complete Guide to The Bullying Husband – http://nobullying.com/are-you-bullied-by-a-spousebfgf-learn-to-recognize-the-signs/.

London, UK (PRWEB) April 18, 2014

A relationship is the coming together of two people in love to make decisions about money, career and family. The couple uses trust, understanding and cooperation to plan for their future. Each is concerned with the others dreams and future happiness. One person should never use threats or intimidation to get what they want. NoBullying releases today the complete guide to the Bullying Husband.

Many bully victims are not aware they are being bullied at all. Victims are often bullied by parents throughout childhood and believe the behavior is normal. They cannot understand how someone from the outside can say they are with a bullying husband or bullying wife.

The guide lists the several kinds and types of the bullying husband such as the guilt trip, a bully who uses the silent treatment has more often than not learned the behavior as a child. Their silence is a way to manipulate the other spouse by making them ask what the problem is before they will speak again.

Another type of the bullying spouse is the spouse that uses the passive-aggressive method where the bully does not try to talk out problems or seem to act out at all. The indirectness of this bullying is deceiving and is largely left out of the bully profile.

Another famous type of the bullying spouse is the control freak, this type of bully insists the other party needs to make changes in them and if they do, they find another shortcoming to change. This bully picks on the other person’s looks, cooking, cleaning, children and family.

Macartan Mulligan, Co-Founder of NoBullying.com, said “Bullies are not just in school, work, or online anymore. Some people might have a bullying husband or bullying wife and that is as dangerous as a school bully or a cyber bully. Abusive relationships must end for all parties involved.”

He added that parents and teachers should make a point to educate the younger generations about the sad outcome of bullying online and offline. According to Mulligan, it is quite imperative to press for more firm laws condemning all acts of bullying and harassment.

NoBullying.com features many pages dedicated to parents, teens, teachers, health professionals as well as posts related to internet safety and the latest news about law making concerning curbing Bullying worldwide as well as inspirational Bullying Poems and famous Bullying Quotes.

The website regularly updates its bullying statistics and cyber bullying statistics as it is essential to understand how widespread the bullying epidemic is. It also regularly runs cyber bullying surveys and questionnaires to get recent updated statistics on everything related to cyberbullying.

He also added that anyone suffering from bullying in any form or way can always find advice and help on the NoBullying website – but if anyone is suffering from severe bullying or cyber bullying, the best thing is to talk to someone locally – a parent, teacher or local organization that has been set up to help with specialized counselors to deal with this topic.

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