Inspection Finds No Bed Bugs in Butler County Courtroom; My Cleaning Products Advised Public to Prepare Bed Bug Spray for Precaution

June 12, 2014

An inspection reportedly discovered no bed bugs in a Butler County courtroom. However, My Cleaning Products advised everyone to prepare a bed bug spray even though there is no sign of the critters for precaution.

Oxford, OH (PRWEB) June 12, 2014

An inspection implemented at a Butler County Courtroom found no evidence of bed bugs. A report from journal-news.com shared the finding on June 9, 2014. But though there are no signs of bed bug presence, My Cleaning Products advised the public to prepare a bed bug spray for precaution.

According to the report, the inspection was conducted following the closure of the courtroom last week. And as it detailed, it was shut down because of the sighting of bugs, suspected to bed bugs, at the defense table of the Butler County Area I Court.

As a result, the post relayed that the courtroom's docket was transferred to Area II Court. Moreover, as precautionary measures, it shared that the upholstered furniture at the back of the affected room was trashed. It added the carpets were also set to be cleaned.

Here is an excerpt from the post No Bed Bugs in Butler County Courtroom by My Cleaning Products.

“Last week, the Butler County courtroom in Oxford City was shut down. And it was because of suspected bed bugs. Insects, thought to be bed bugs, were said found in the defense table of the Butler County Area I Court. As a result, the court's docket was transferred to the Area II Court in Hamilton. An exterminator was also called in to determine the crawlies and resolve the problem.”

My Cleaning Products said that bed bugs are often mistaken as some other pests. And so, in order to implement the appropriate action to get rid of them, it said that it is important for the public to identify them right. To do that, it advised everyone to check pictures of bed bugs.

Additionally, MCP advised the public to prepare a bed bug spray. With it ready, it said that one could kill bed bugs promptly and prevent them from multiplying, spreading and causing more problems.

However, out of all the bed bug sprays available today, it asserted that Bed Bug Bully is the best to get. As it reasoned, that's because it is both effective and safe.

MCP explained that Bed Bug Bully could kill the critters and also their eggs and nymphs in just seconds with its special formulation. And considering that it is organic-based, it stated it leaves no odor or residues that could harm health.

Additionally, the company cited that it is pesticide-exempt. And for that, it said that it was added on EPA's FIFRA 25(b) list.

To experience its benefits and difference from other bed bug sprays, MCP invited everyone to try the product. It shared that anyone could get a Bed Bug Bully Complimentary Sample at mycleaningproducts.com.

For the original version on PRWeb visit: http://www.prweb.com/releases/bed-bug-spray/06-10-14/prweb11935281.htm

Source: prweb

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